Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 162

Chapter 162 What Did They Do To You
Chapter 162: What Did They Do to You?

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The term 'breeding machine' further pained Mubai's heart.

His grip on her hand tightened and his voice dropped in tone. "You're not that to me!"

Even though they didn't share an emotional bond during their marriage, he treated her as an equal. He had never once looked down on her.

If he only saw her as a 'breeding machine', he could have picked so many other women over her. Many candidates were climbing over each other to have his child.

If he only saw her as a 'breeding machine', he could have tossed her out the moment Lin Lin was born!

Xinghe laughed self-deprecatingly. "You might not see me that way but your family certainly does. You've seen how your mother treated me just now. She wants the child to have nothing to do with me!"

Instead of finding excuses for his mother, Mubai said seriously, "If you want to visit Lin Lin in the future, come to me anytime. You have my word, no one will stand in your way"

Mubai then added, "And you will always be Lin Lin's mother."

"For real?" There were tears gathering in Xinghe's eyes.

Mubai's mouth curved into a confident smile. "I don't think anyone can stop me from doing what I want."

"Alright, I will reach out to you in the future. You can let go of me now."

"One last question." Mubai didn't let go. "What exactly did they do to you?"

"Mubai" Tianxin suddenly pulled on Mubai's arm and said softly, "Auntie looks like she's not feeling so well, let's go back in."

This was a last resort on Tianxin's part. She was afraid Xinghe would spill the beans.

Mubai ignored Tianxin completely. He stared solely at Xinghe and repeated, "What did they do?"

"Mubai, why are you asking her that? Auntie and I will tell you if you're so interested," Tianxin opened her mouth to say. Her words were laced with grievances as if Mubai was treating her unjustly.

Coldness entered Mubai's voice when he said, "Xinghe, you tell the story."

"Mubai, are we so untrustworthy in your eyes? We didn't do anything towards Xinghe. If something really did happen like she claimed, do you think she would wait until now to tell the world?" Tianxin's eyes were red with tears. She had never failed to earn pity from men with this skill before.

Alas, the man standing before her then was Xi Mubai. He was an incredibly rational creature.

Xinghe felt good watching Tianxin squirm.

She looked at Tianxin, curved her mouth into a smirk and said, "They didn't do anything to me"

Tianxin could feel her legs go weak from both surprise and relief.

She should have known Xinghe would not reveal anything.

She was too familiar with her personality. Xinghe liked to have everything all cooped up within her, rather sharing her pains and explaining herself to the world.

Furthermore, it would be extremely difficult to explain the thing that happened that year.

It was the reason why she didn't say a word before and why she wouldn't say a word now.

"But they did plenty of things to you!" Xinghe suddenly turned towards Mubai.

Tianxin's heart almost leaped to her throat!

Before Mubai could ask for an explanation, she chuckled disingenuously. "Xinghe, you must be kidding! What could Auntie and I have done to Mubai? Auntie is Mubai's mother and I'm his fianc, do you think we would do anything to harm him? Stop stirring up trouble!"

Xinghe smiled slyly. "I haven't said anything, why are you so all worked up? If you're completely innocent, why are you worried?"

"Who said I'm worried" Tianxin argued furiously.