Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Dumped
Chapter 168: Dumped!

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"Alas, a polished turd is still a turd." Mrs. Chu laughed and jeered at Xinghe.

Tianxin echoed her laugh. "Certain people should learn to accept their place in life. She shouldn't think that, just because of a lucky incident, she's better than everyone else for the rest of her life. She needs to know that life on the top is not for everyone!"

Xinghe scoffed suddenly. She stared sharply at Tianxin and asked, "In other words, you believe that life is for you?"

"Of course! Mubai and I were childhood sweethearts; he only has eyes for me and I'm the only one good enough for him. We're getting married very soon. The moment you left, he came to me immediately. If not for your shameless ways, refusing to leave the Xi Family, we would have long since married! If not for your pitiful conditions, Mubai would have left you a long time ago!" Tianxin attacked Xinghe viciously.

If Xinghe hadn't recovered her memory, she would be hurt by those words.

Even though she had no love for Mubai, he was the person closest to her after she lost her memory.

But now, she didn't even feel a prick.

For the reawakened Xia Xinghe, men were nothing but background furniture!

To shed a tear for a man? How laughable.

Xinghe shrugged and said with a smile, "Well, if that's the case, then I shall hope the two of you walk this path until the end. However, I don't see that happening so watch your make-up when you cry should you get dumped."

Tianxin blurted out a laugh. "You're the one who's been dumped, okay? That happened three years ago!"

"Listen to me, I asked for the divorce so I dumped him. I hope you can say the same!" With that, Xinghe turned to leave.

She didn't want to waste any more time with this group of people. After all, the show was about to begin.

"Xia Xinghe, I know this is your jealousy talking! I will be dumped? Don't kid yourself, I'm getting married to Mubai!" Tianxin shouted at her back but Xinghe walked on without turning.

"Why waste your breath with this kind of woman. Let's get a move on and not waste any more time," Mr. Chu said with authority.

Mrs. Chu pulled on Tianxin's arm and said, "Tianxin, your father is right. Talking to that woman will only anger you unnecessarily. Come, let's not keep Mubai and his parents waiting."

The thought of seeing Mubai soon cheered Tianxin up immediately.

Her happiness was laced with pride.

He only has eyes for me and I'm the only one good enough for him.

She truly believed those words when she said that. Unlike Xinghe, who she considered a pretender to the throne, she saw herself as the one truly deserving of the seat beside Mubai!

However, Tianxin and her parents were quick to realize something was wrong.

Xinghe was going towards the same box as them.

While they were still confused, Xinghe pushed open the door and entered the room.

"Why is she here too? Did Mubai also invite her?" Mrs. Chu asked.

"I have no clue" Tianxin was equally confused.

Mr. Chu frowned and said, "Let's go in rather than speculate."

The four of them entered the box in quick succession.

When Old Mr. and Mrs. Xi saw Xinghe enter, their faces were equally full of question marks. The only one not affected was Mubai, in fact he gave a small sigh of relief, he was actually worried she wouldn't come.

Her presence was irrelevant to the announcement he was going to make but thankfully she was there because he could use the opportunity to return her the justice she deserved.

"Mubai, why is she here?" his mother asked with annoyance.

The question was on pretty much everyone's mind.