Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Regarding Our Engagement
Chapter 170: Regarding Our Engagement

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However, Tianxin thought this was just Xinghe putting on a face, forcing herself to be calm.

After all, what else can the b*tch do?

She must be dying inside!

The thought of Xinghe's inner turmoil tickled her heart. It made her want to laugh out loud.

Of course, she couldn't laugh but the smile on her face was bright as ever.

"By the way, Mubai, why did you invite Miss Xia today?" Tianxin, in her gracious mood, decided to share her spotlight with Xinghe, going so far to refer to her as Miss Xia.

This question had been troubling many other people in the box as well.

Right then, the waiters finished serving the food.

"Bon appetit, if there's anything you need, please ring the service bell," the lead server said with a smile. Then, he ushered his colleagues out, closing the door behind him.

Mubai didn't answer Tianxin's question, instead he picked up a bottle of wine and poured a glass for each of Tianxin's parents.

This action piqued the room's interest.

However, they didn't question him because it was, after all, a sign of respect for Mubai to do so.

"Just now it was Tianxin serving tea, but now it's Mubai's turn to serve wine, huh?" Mr. Chu joked.

Old Mr. Xi responded with a slight smile, "It's only fair."

Mubai was their junior and was their daughter's fianc, serving them wine was appropriate.

However, suspicion rose in Old Mr. Xi's heart. Others might not understand Mubai but he understood his son well.

Extending the Chu's formal invitation to lunch, inviting Xinghe without telling anyone, and now serving the Chu's wine Something fishy was going on.

But what, Old Mr. Xi couldn't tell

However, he would soon find out.

After pouring the wine, Mubai stood up with his own glass and walked to stand beside Xinghe. Then, he turned to face the rest of the room.

Taking in their confused gazes, Mubai announced solemnly, "You've been asking why I invited Xinghe here today. Here's why. It's because I need to settle some things and the issue in question concerns both her and all of you, so that's why I have all of us gathered here today."

"What is this thing that you want to settle, Mubai?" Old Mrs. Xi asked but the moment the question left her mouth, an answer came to her and her face immediately paled.

Tianxin also felt a bad omen coming and started fidgeting in her seat. "Mubai, indeed what is this thing? Has it got to do with Lin Lin?"

"I believe you should know very well what this thing is about." Mubai glanced disinterestedly at her; Tianxin's face instantly fell.

"Mubai, just what do you plan to do?" His mother warned him with a quivering voice, "This is a formal setting so don't do something that you'll regret."

"Don't worry because I've thought long and hard about this," Mubai answered calmly, his tone unwavering.

The atmosphere in the room instantly turned for the worse.

Old Mr. and Mrs. Xi looked at each other anxiously.

They had a feeling that the reason Mubai had them gathered there that day was not going to be something good

His father glared severely at him. "Mubai, just what are you up to?"

"I'm breaking off the engagement with Chu Tianxin!" Mubai announced suddenly, not giving them any time to prepare.

His parents stared at him with bulging eyes. Disbelief was plainly written on their faces.

Mubai's single sentence was like a bomb that shook the world!