Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 172

Chapter 172 She Was My Wife
Chapter 172: She Was My Wife

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He not only said that he didn't want to marry her in the first place but also agreeing to marry her now was the biggest mistake of his life?

How could he treat her this way?

He was completely undermining her value, her everything!

Tianxin thought the news about the broken engagement was the biggest blow she would receive that day but this was even worse

How could he treat her this way!

"Xi Mubai, how dare you say such thing about my daughter" Mrs. Chu finally lost it and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "How dare you humiliate my daughter when she has been nothing but the most perfect young lady. If you don't explain yourself, I'm going to personally teach you a lesson!"

"So, this is how the prestigious Xi Family teaches their son?" Mr. Chu glared angrily at Old Mr. Xi who sat across him.

Old Mr. Xi slammed his palm heavily on the table and glared at Mubai. "Do you have any idea what you've done today? Tianxin is your fianc and she has done absolutely nothing wrong, how can treat her this day? Don't tell me it is really for this Xia Xinghe?"

"It doesn't matter because this is the only way to set things right," Mubai replied matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean by that?" Old Mr. Xi frowned.

Mubai explained coolly, "The meaning is simple. It was because of the fallacious rumor created by them that Xinghe would opt for the divorce, thinking that I've betrayed her with Tianxin!"

Old Mr. Xi was shocked, there was such a thing?

Mr. and Mrs. Chu didn't show any visible change in their response as if this was old news for them.

Old Mrs. Xi's face was drawn but she straightened her spine and accosted her son, "This is the reason why you're breaking off the engagement?"

"Mother, do you think this reason is not enough?" Mubai responded to her question with his own.

Old Mrs. Xi flared up and retorted, "Of course! How can you call off the engagement because of an insignificant detail like this? That's right, we did do some unsightly things to force Xia Xinghe away, but it was practically harmless. Furthermore, it's a fact that she's not good enough for you anyway. At the end of the day, I'm just looking out for you, son, I can't let you end up with a wife that is as useless as this woman! Therefore, everything that happened then was all my idea, if you want to find someone to blame, be mad at me, it had nothing to do with Tianxin."

"If she had nothing to do with it, why did she play-act to trick Xinghe alongside you?" Mubai's voice was laced with hurt and disappointment. "Mother, you have no right to scheme and break up my marriage much less Chu Tianxin! This is my marriage we're talking about, is that so insignificant to you that you're willing to plot against your own son?"

Cowed by Mubai's words, Old Mrs. Xi opted for a change of tact.

"In other words, you're treating us and Tianxin who loves you to death this way because of Xia Xinghe?" She asked forlornly.

"Mubai, I'm sorry for what I did, I shouldn't have done those things but I only did it because I love you!" Tianxin wailed taking cue from Old Mrs. Xi, her tears fell like they were from an open faucet. "I've loved you for so many years, yet you have the heart to treat me this way because of Xia Xinghe?"

She thought this would appeal to Mubai's sense of sympathy.

However, the fierceness in his gaze only became more pronounced.

"In your mind, Xinghe is completely insignificant so you are free to do whatever you like to her, isn't that so?"

"" Well, is that wrong?

Even Old Mr. Xi thought that way. He didn't manifest it as obvious as his wife but he too didn't consider Xinghe as someone important.

In their eyes, Xinghe was an invisible person, a character small enough to ignore.

Therefore, they really didn't think what Old Mrs. Xi and Tianxin did to Xinghe was anything serious.

It was as Old Mrs. Xi said, unsightly but not over the line

"No matter how unimportant you all might perceive her but she was my, Xi Mubai's, lawfully wedded wife and the mother of my son!"