Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Uneven Contract
Chapter 174: Uneven Contract

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"Enough!" Mubai growled, he glared at Tianxin coldly, demanding, "So what if this is all her scheme? Don't you dare forget who started the scheming and plotting! Or do you people expect Xinghe to just take everything as it is? Do you even consider her a fellow human being, and where am I in all this? She is my ex-wife; does she not deserve the respect that entails"

Tianxin widened her eyes in shock, she asked with obvious disbelief, "So, you value her more than me?"

"What is the matter with you? Can you even see beyond yourself?" Mubai grumbled in frustration. He refused to waste another second talking to this woman.

How come he had never realized how conceited Chu Tianxin really is?

To be fair, it was not entirely Mubai's fault because she hid it extremely well.

She always put up a perfect facade around him.

However, the mirage finally cracked to reveal a woman who would go so far as to ruin his own and other people's name to get to him.

How could he marry such a scary woman?

Even as a prop, he would consider her a complete waste of space.

Furthermore, he didn't love her to begin with. To prevent the tragedy in his previous marriage from repeating itself, Mubai was already debating canceling the engagement.

The revelation from the night before was the straw that tipped the scale.

He had to do things right by Xinghe.

Not only did she not get any benefits when she was his wife, she was also treated so badly by his own family members. He might not have loved her then but he couldn't allow such injustice to come to pass in his own household.

Moreover, she did give him the most precious present of all, his son.

Xinghe had sacrificed the most luscious period of her youth to stay in their marriage and give him a child but for all that, what did she get in return? A slap on her wrist and crosshairs on her back.

And now they wanted him to marry the woman that plotted against his own son's mother? Did they seriously consider him a cat with no claws?

Perhaps he was normally too agreeable to their demands that they had forgotten who he was!

Mubai's sudden aggressiveness surprised all of them.

However, the Chu Family would not take this sitting down!

Mrs. Chu stepped forth to interrogate, "Since you don't care about my daughter, why agree to the marriage in the first place? How can you go back on your words and treat my daughter this way!"

Mubai gave a grim laugh.

"Mrs. Chu, I purposely kept my tone light to help your family save face but since you've asked, should I remind you how your whole family has begged for this engagement? Have you forgotten what I repeatedly told you that day? I said, I am not in love with your daughter."

Mrs. Chu's face fell. There was humiliation and anger boiling underneath it.

It was the same for all the Chu's

Mubai was openly demeaning them.

However, what he said was the truth.

They wanted Tianxin to marry him so badly that they were practically one step away from kissing the ground he walked on. Mubai had solemnly warned them that he felt nothing towards Tianxin. If they wanted to force the engagement, she had to prepare to survive a loveless marriage.

Deluded by their pride, they thought Tianxin could make him love her after they got engaged. However, at the end of the day, they didn't mind even if Mubai didn't have warm feelings towards them as long as they could gain access to the Xi Family's riches and fame.

Tianxin marrying into the Xi Family was their key to a life of limitless luxury.

They were so blinded by profits that they didn't care about the lack of love in their daughter's relationship.

Therefore, this engagement was, from the very beginning, an uneven contract. They were the passive and weaker party. Their position was precarious.

So, could they really fault others for their own greed?

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