Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Were Here To See Lin Lin
Chapter 179: We're Here to See Lin Lin

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"I don't mind," Xinghe nodded, half an hour was nothing.

After all, the reason she was there that day was not only to meet her son but his great grandfather as well.

"Where's your Madam?" Mubai suddenly asked the main.

"She's in the back garden, does Young Master wish to see her?"

"That's alright. I don't want to disturb her."

The moment Mubai finished, a woman sauntered into the room and said, "You wouldn't be disturbing her, she was just talking to me about you yesterday. I'm sure she would love to see you."

Mubai and Xinghe turned to the source of the voice. A woman about 28-year-old with impeccable dressing, she didn't have a hair out of place, in their eyes.

Xinghe recognized the woman.

She was Madam Xi's adopted granddaughter. Her name was Yun Ruobing [1], and like her name suggests she was a frosty kind of person.

It was a by-the-books kind of frigidness, deterring others from any form of human contact.

She didn't even have the courtesy to hide her apathy towards Xinghe. She never once looked her in the eyes.

It was as if Xinghe was Mubai's carry-on, not worth her attention

"Want me to accompany you to the back garden?" Ruobing came forward and asked Mubai with a shrug.

Ruobing was several months older than Mubai, they had a relationship akin to siblings but they had never been close.

Mubai had always treated her with courtesy reserved for distant relatives.

"Thank you but I have something to discuss with my grandfather."

"What is it?" Ruobing asked while giving Xinghe a side-eye, "Something to do with Xi Lin?"

"Yes," Mubai answered succinctly, obviously not interested in getting into the details.

Ruobing nodded and left without asking anything more. She passed the living room and went straight to the back garden

Xinghe glanced at Ruobing's retreating back and asked Mubai this just to make conversation, "I seem to remember that she also studies computer science."

Mubai thought she was really interested in Ruobing's background so he explained eagerly, "You're right. But her field is different from yours, hers is medical computer science."

"This means that she is at least somewhat familiar with medicine?"

"Indeed, currently, she is my grandmother's personal doctor and confidant."

Xinghe nodded without any further comments.

Perhaps someone did inform Mubai's grandfather of their arrival because he arrived at the living room before the designated 30 minutes.

However, he came alone.

He sat himself down on the sofa and had on an impassive face. Even facing Mubai, it was like he was the boss and Mubai was his subordinate.

"Well, get on with it. Why are the both of you here?" he asked solemnly without even lifting his head to look at them.

Mubai answered truthfully, "I brought Xinghe here to see Lin Lin and then take him back home."

Grandfather Xi finally raised his gaze to look at him. There was a lifetime of experience inside his eyes. He studied them incisively and commented, "I heard you broke off your engagement with the girl from Chu Family earlier today for this woman."

Mubai smiled slightly, "News sure travel fast."

"Is it really because of her?" Grandfather Xi asked with an indifferent tone, it was difficult to gauge his thoughts.

"I just don't want to marry a woman that once plotted against my own marriage."

"The Chu Family and we Xi Family have a long history together. Have you thought of the consequences?"

"I would rather face any kinds of consequences than betray myself to fulfill their wishes," Mubai replied in an equally indifferent tone. Perhaps, only Mubai could talk to Grandfather Xi this way.

His answer satisfied Grandfather Xi.

Mubai was right. There was no reason for a Xi to lower himself for the sake of fulfilling another's pipe dreams.

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[1] Her name is /Yun Ruobing/, which literally translates to Cloud [Surname- Yun] Like [Ruo] Ice [Bing].