Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Cant Go Through Him
Chapter 180: Can't Go Through Him

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"So, you've really started to fall for this woman?" Grandfather Xi was still smart in his mind. Mubai's sudden break wasn't only for himself. It mostly likely had to do with Xinghe as well.

The fact that he was willing to defy his mother to cross the Chu Family for the sake of a woman means that, on some level, this grandson of mine cares about her.

However, there are many ways to break up an engagement. There was no reason to do something so callous.

Mubai didn't admit or deny it.

However, it was obvious that it was a silent admission.

Grandfather Xi pursued with a hint of a smile, "So, are you two planning to remarry?"

This time Mubai replied, "It's on my mind."

"Not on mine," Xinghe said suddenly. Her tone was crisp and firm.

She was not at all surprised Mubai had plans to remarry her.

Because she didn't care what his plans was.

Grandfather Xi laughed, this time with a tinge of superciliousness. "You worry the Xi Family is not yet willing to welcome you back?"

"I assure you, that is not part of my worry." Because I have no intention of returning.

"This one sure has quite a spine on her," Grandfather Xi scoffed.

Xinghe didn't want to waste any time on these frivolities so she cut right to the chase, "Sir, the reason I'm here today, other than to see my son, is to meet you. I wish to have his custody for a few years, I hope you will agree to my request."

Mubai felt a headache coming.

Didn't I warn you not to bring this up before my grandfather?

His grandfather was not as easygoing as the rest of them.

Sure enough, Xi Gang's face fell. "What did you say"

"Grandfather, she spoke out of line because she cares too much about her son."

"You stay out of it and don't defend her! How dare she make such a demand! I, Xi Gang only have that one great grandson, where does she find the guts to issue such a demand Who told her she can take the child away from the Xi Family" Grandfather Xi roared angrily, his gaze sharp enough to cut through stone.

"I did," Mubai said without thinking.

His grandfather stared at him with surprise, even Xinghe was slightly shocked.

Mubai held his grandfather's gaze fearlessly and continued, "Grandfather, there was a reason behind our divorce so many years ago. She was conned into taking the divorce, the fault doesn't lie with her"

"Then it was her own fault for being so dumb to allow herself to be conned!"

"That was because she was suffering from amnesia and had no help from the Xi Family. She was cornered and temporarily lost her footing."

"That is a sign of her weakness. My Xi Family will never welcome the feeble or allow our children to be raised by one!"

"Grandfather, you can't use your standards to measure her."

His grandfather scoffed and announced majestically, "In this family, I am the standard!"

"Which is why Xinghe is here to today to ask for your permission."

"My answer is NO!" Grandfather Xi said with finality, not showing any sympathy towards a fragile woman's feelings.

Thankfully, there was nothing fragile about Xinghe.

Even faced with Grandfather Xi's impressive presence and verbal dressing down, she was completely at ease.

"You heard my grandfather. This is not the way to go." Mubai tilted his head to look at Xinghe.

Xinghe stared at him and asked, "Does this mean you agree to let me take care of Lin Lin for a few years?"


What is wrong with her point of emphasis

Couldn't she tell this was his way of helping her advance her arguments?

Of course, he hadn't agreed to pass her their child, he just didn't want her to stand alone in his grandfather's line of fire