Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Only You
Chapter 185: Only You

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When they left Xi Family's old family mansion, the sun had set.

Mubai's towering figure strode in front while Xinghe followed his back. There was an unspoken familiarity between the two of them.

Xinghe was pricked by a sudden inspiration and she turned to see Lin Lin standing at the villa entrance staring at her.

Xinghe read on his face the reluctance to part.

She too was broken-hearted. If possible, she would grab him and run.

But she knew it wouldn't work

Grandfather Xi, to emphasize his intent, forbade her from meeting her son before she could produce the result.

If she failed to come up with anything within this one month, he would personally make sure the mother and son never got to meet again.

After all, Xinghe promised him success. Grandfather Xi would never allow her to renege on her promise.

If she failed, there would be hell to pay.

Xinghe wasn't worried about completing the mission. In fact, she felt the period of one month was too long. She wished to see her son before then.

"If you want to meet him, come to me. I'll make sure the two of you have the chance to see each other," Mubai's low voice rang beside her ear.

Xinghe kindly demurred, "It's fine."

She had to suppress her desire to see her son so she could focus completely on the task at hand. If not, she would spend every waking minute thinking about Lin Lin.

Her maternal instincts were hard to silence but the long period of time after her divorce when she had been prevented from seeing Lin Lin was indeed a great help.

The next one month would be a critical period so she couldn't allow herself to be distracted by thoughts about her son.

With this purpose in mind, Xinghe steeled herself and swiveled away from the gaze of her son. "Let's go."

Mubai looked intensely at her but offered no words. He helped her with the car door. After she got in, he rounded the car and climbed into the driver's seat.

Then, he started the engine

Through the rear-view mirror, Xinghe realized Lin Lin was still standing at the same spot.

She felt tears pricking her eyes. Her memory went back to their first real conversation after her divorce.

Yes, today's meeting was the first time the two had ever spoken to each other face-to-face.

She expected resentment from him but Lin Lin's feelings towards her was pure and simple.

He didn't blame her for abandoning him, he didn't even ask about the past. Instead he consoled her, Three years is not too long.

The little fella took her apology at face value and was answering her seriously.

Don't you blame me? Because you should. Xinghe had said conscientiously.

I had faith that you would come, and you see, you really did, so how can I blame you?

But what if I didn't come

But you're here, aren't you?

Then, I apologize for making you wait. That couldn't have been fun.

It wasn't very fun, but it must've been harder for you. At least I have Daddy but you don't have another son.

Silly child, of course I only have one son. As long as I may live, you'll be my only one.

For some reason, in that moment, Xinghe had felt the need to tell her son that.

Lin Lin broke into a bright smile. Me too, I only have one mommy and I swear, you too will be my only one.

Xinghe couldn't help but laugh.

It was an objective fact that she was his only biological mother. Regardless, the child's insistence that she was his only one mommy warmed her heart.

Even now, thinking about it made her lips curled into a tender smile.

Mubai captured the slight smile that bloomed on her face and his gaze deepened.

"In one month, even if the project fails, I will hand the child's custody over to you," he suddenly promised.