Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Caress Her Head
Chapter 187: Caress Her Head

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Once again, Mubai started to feel jealous of his own son. The little guy was probably the only one who could make Xinghe's heart flutter.

Nonetheless, half of Lin Lin technically came from him.

However, he wasn't narcissistic or selfish enough to think Xinghe loved him vicariously through Lin Lin.

Mubai chuckled at the sudden kooky thought that popped up in his mind.

Xinghe heard him laughing when she was exiting his car so she turned back to ask, "What's wrong?"

Mubai stared at her intensely and posed his own question, "Under what circumstances you do think people start to have selfish thoughts?"

"" Xinghe looked at him quizzically like she was looking at an idiot.

Where did this question come from?

"I think I had one right now because I'm selfish enough to want to make you mine," Mubai said as he pushed out his hand to caress her head.

"And I think it's time for your medicine," Xinghe sharpened her gaze. Her head was not to be touched by anyone.

She stormed out of his car and strode away without once turning back. Her annoyance was obvious.

However, Mubai was not worried but instead rather delighted from teasing her.

He rubbed his fingers together feeling the sensation from Xinghe's hair that was left on his skin. His smile grew even bigger.

Who knew touching her head would be so delightful

Then, hugging or even kissing her would those experiences be like snorting heroin then?

I'm sure it will be fantastic!

Mubai wanted to experience those sensations immediately but he understood he had to be patient.

For Mubai's whole life, he was never lacking a woman's companionship. If he wanted, any woman would be at his beck and call.

Therefore, he had never truly desired a woman before.

However, this time he realized he had fallen for a woman, and fallen deep

The desire was even stronger than his passion for computer technology.

While in a delightful haze of desire, soon Mubai returned to his home. However, the moment he stepped through the door, there was Chu Tianxin.

"Mubai" Tianxin appealed to him with her puffy red eyes.

His mother also said gently, "Son, you're finally home. Tianxin has been waiting for you since morning. You had no idea, but she has been crying for the whole day."

"Mubai, are you serious about breaking off the engagement with me?" Tianxin started crying her sad tears again. "Please don't be so cruel towards me! I know I've done some terrible things and I really regret all of them. So, no matter what you want me to do, I will be willing to do it to redeem myself."

"Mubai, the thing that happened so many years ago really had nothing to do with Tianxin. Don't blame her, if you want to blame someone, blame me," Old Mrs. Xi said apologetically.

Mubai was normally an easy-going person, and was generous to the people around him.

He would normally agree to their demands unconditionally with a shrug.

Therefore, Tianxin and Old Mrs. Xi thought as long as they put up an apologetic face, Mubai would soften his heart and forgive them.

However, they didn't know that Mubai's easy-going appearance came from his indifference. The moment he set his sights on something though, there would be no budging.

"So, you're here to ask for redemption?" Mubai stared at Tianxin with an overcast face.

Tianxin nodded like a puppy that got her treat. "Yes! No matter what you have me do, I'll gladly do it as long as you're willing to forgive me."

"Accept that the engagement is over without a fuss, and I'm willing to put any other offense behind us."

Tianxin's eyes widened. "You still want to break up the engagement? But no, I don't want to leave you Mubai"

"You have no right to say no." Mubai interrupted her plea roughly and Tianxin's face blanched.

"Also, you're not welcome here anymore." Mubai dropped another bomb before heading upstairs without another look at her.

Tianxin spiraled into despair.

Mubai had snuffed out all the hope in her heart. It was over. There was really no turning back now

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