Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Stolen Information
Chapter 190: Stolen Information

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Luo Jun was slightly astounded, "What does Miss Xia mean by that?"

"Go tell Yun Ruobing that Mubai wants everyone to aid me in completing this technology. Ask her what her intention is by withholding the information I need? Is she meaning to stall my progress?" Xinghe said directly, not even a bit afraid of crossing the other woman.

She would not hesitate to mow down all that stood in her path!

Luo Jun was taken aback by the tension that he felt suffused the air.

However, this was none of his concern. He was only required to fulfill his orders.

Luo Jun returned very soon after he was sent away by Xinghe.

He still didn't return with the papers and there was an even more troubled expression on his face when he said, "Miss Xia, Leader Yun still refused to give up the information She said that if you want them, you need to go talk to her yourself"

"Okay, thank you. You may go now." That was Xinghe's only reply. There was no major change in her expression.

Xinghe wasn't angry even though Ruobing was purposely making this difficult for her.

Luo Jun couldn't figure out Xinghe's thoughts so he left her lab obediently.

After he closed the door, Xinghe clicked open her computer

Since Ruobing was unwilling to give the information, she was going to take them herself. Want her to negotiate with Ruobing in person? Impossible!

Xinghe would not waste her time doing fruitless things.

Ruobing obviously wasn't going to part with the design papers no matter what. Requiring Xinghe to meet her in person was just a hoop for Xinghe to jump through of which there would be plenty more.

It was necessary not only to work hard but also work smart!

It took Xinghe 30 seconds to enter the laboratory's localized area network.

It took her another 5 minutes to hack into Yun Ruobing's personal work computer.

Finally, she used up another 2 minutes to copy everything in Ruobing's computer to her own computer.

Ruobing who was waiting for Xinghe to come beg her had no idea her computer had been hacked.

She only knew when a large row of letters appeared on her computer screen:

I've taken the information I need. If Leader Yun wants to play the game this way, I'm more than willing to entertain you.

"Who did this" Ruobing shrieked in shock.

Who hacked into my computer and stole the information in it

Ruobing was truly shocked. After all, the internet security of the lab hadn't been breached before. However, this time, the other party not only managed to hack through it but also was daring enough to leave such a calling card.

Ruobing was certain this person was Xia Xinghe!

Ruobing was honestly surprised Xinghe was so capable.

No wonder she was brave enough to make such a boastful promise, she had some backing

However, good hacking skills didn't translate to the ability to design an artificial limb. After all, hacking and mechanical engineering were two distinct fields.

Ruobing studied mechanical engineering since she was young and, even after partnering with the best of the best, couldn't design a human-emulated artificial limb, much less an outsider like Xia Xinghe!

She was doomed to fail!

Regardless, she refused to let Xinghe challenge her at her own court.

The laboratory was her territory and she would not show kindness towards those that threaten her position.

The fact that Ruobing was willing to learn medical computer science that she had absolutely no interest just to please Old Madam Xi showed the size of her ambitions.

Her ambition was simple, which was to own half of the Xi family's estate.

She wanted to be above everyone else, to own limitless wealth and power.

Xinghe's appearance threatened her ambition. Even though she felt Xinghe didn't have the ability to pull this off but she refused to let Xinghe taunt her with the crazy promise.

Furthermore, she had the guts to steal the design papers from right under her nose.

How can I take this offense quietly

"Xia Xinghe, if you want to die, then I shall comply." Ruobing smirked and moved to locate Xinghe. It was time to settle some things.