Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Your Name Has Been Removed
Chapter 191: Your Name Has Been Removed

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The lab's door was rudely shoved open.

Ruobing waltzed in with authority, followed by two engineers.

"Xia Xinghe, it was your doing, wasn't it?" she asked as she leaned in to look at Xinghe's computer screen. Naturally, information regarding the design paper was on it.

Ruobing smirked as satisfaction flashed in her eyes. "So, it was you, Xia Xinghe. You stole the lab's important information and have now been caught red-handed; explain yourself!"

"Stole?" Xinghe raised her eyes from her task to ask.

Even though she was being suddenly interrogated by Ruobing, Xinghe maintained her usual composure and grace.

"Taking without permission is stealing. This is the information you stole from my computer, isn't it?" Ruobing asked pointedly.

Xinghe didn't care to deny, she nodded. "That's right, this was from your computer."

"Very good, since you've admitted to the theft then we have nothing more to say. According to the rules of this lab, those that violate this rule will be kicked out of the team. Pack up and leave, you're removed from the team!" Ruobing said authoritatively, not unlike an unfeeling judge.

She didn't care what Xinghe's background was.

In the lab, she was the queen.

Since Xinghe readily admitted to violating the rules, no one would have a say if she was to throw the woman out.

Xinghe's rash and stupid way of doing things made Ruobing look down on her.

She felt dumb for thinking Xinghe could ever threaten her position and wasting the energy that went into drafting the long-term plan for dealing with Xia Xinghe.

Who would have thought this woman was dumb enough to commit such a giant mistake on her first day? I was able to chase her out without even using a single one of my plots!

Ruobing smiled triumphantly.

Of course, she didn't care about what happened to Xinghe after she left the lab.

The point was, no one could threaten her at her territory.

Anyone that came close to doing so must be removed!

"Removed? You removed my name from the team?" Xinghe asked calmly, as if in complete control of the situation.

Ruobing smirked, "Of course, I make and enforce all the rules here."

"On what grounds?" Xinghe continued asking.

Before Ruobing could answer, a tall male engineer that followed her in jumped in with a patronizing reply, "Are you deaf? Didn't Leader Yun give you the reason? Theft of classified information, is that not enough?"

"Theft is illegal; I say we hand her over to the police," the smaller of the two added to scare Xinghe.

The three of them hadn't stopped threatening and scaring Xinghe the moment they stepped into her lab. Even the calmest of individuals would lose their footing.

But Xinghe continued the conversation like it was normal office chatter, "You three keep saying I committed perjury but where's your proof? You can't go around simply accusing people of a crime they didn't commit."

"Then, I shall repeat myself, taking without permission is stealing. That constitutes theft and thus is a crime, is it not?" Ruobing said with a cocksure smile, hoping to make Xinghe sweat.

"It is," Xinghe answered with a nod. The ease with which she admitted to the crime made the three of them make a double-take.

However, the next second, she stood up, stared directly at Ruobing and inquired, "Then, what rule does 'not cooperating with me' and 'purposely not complying with my orders' violate?"