Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Trouble Brewing
Chapter 193: Trouble Brewing

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Xinghe added emphasis to her question.

Ruobing and her two lackeys were temporarily stunned by her majestic presence.

However, it was naturally impossible for Ruobing, who was used to be honored at the top, to bow down to Xinghe.

"But you did steal," she glared at Xinghe and insisted stubbornly.

"You took the design papers away without giving any of us any head-ups so that constitutes stealing! You could have come to me in person to ask for it but you didn't. Instead you snatched it from me without giving me any notice, so that is stealing, there is no way around it. Furthermore, this is a display of utter disrespect towards me and the rules upheld by this community. You might be leading the lab but you are not above the rules here!"

Xinghe smiled slightly. She was losing her patience with this kind of person who refused to argue using logic.

"I didn't give you any notice? I disrespected you?" Xinghe leveled her a laser-sharp gaze. "Yun Ruobing, have you not heard about the saying that respect is earned and not given? Since you've done nothing that deserves my respect, why should I respect you?"

"You" Ruobing was way beyond her threshold of anger.

She really didn't expect Xinghe to be so forceful and aggressive.

This was completely different from the image she had of Xinghe.

They didn't have much contact before this, but Ruobing had heard that Xinghe was a taciturn and mellow person.

However, the Xinghe before her had a sharp tongue and resoluteness in her stance She had to suspect the truth behind what she heard.

Regardless of its validity, Xia Xinghe had definitely stepped way over the line!

The lab was Ruobing's court, how could she allow someone to be more powerful than her?

"Fine, I'll let the stealing slip this time but why should we listen to you? Even with Mubai's orders, you have to show us your ability first for us to submit to you. If not, this place will not welcome you. After all, nobody will follow the orders of a good-for-nothing person."

The two engineers echoed Ruobing's sentiments.

"Leader Yun is right. The people working here are the best of the best, we will not submit to you even if it is CEO Xi's orders."

"That's right, I'm certain you're here only because you begged CEO Xi. We will not receive orders from such a fake. We would rather quit than work for you."

Luo Jun didn't expect they would go to such lengths to purposely make things difficult for Xinghe.

He tried coming to her rescue, "If CEO Xi was willing to give such an order, it means that he has faith in Miss Xia's ability. Do you not have trust in CEO Xi's eye for talent?"

The taller engineer replied, "It is not impossible for CEO Xi to be wrong. Furthermore, trusting her is CEO Xi's business so it has nothing to do with us."

"That's right. If she is as talented as you claim, then show it to us."

There was a gleam in Ruobing's eyes as an interesting idea appeared in her mind.

She stared coldly at Xinghe and asked, "You heard the guys, right? Everyone here has their unique temperament. You need to impress us before you can lead us so how about this Care for a friendly competition?"

For some reasons, Luo Jun started to feel nervous. He tried to defuse the tension, "There's no reason to get worked up over this. Miss Xia will only be here for a month. Let's just work along together and not harm the workplace harmony."

"If she has no skill, we will not allow her to lead us for even a day!" Ruobing turned her nose up at Xinghe like a queen residing over her court.