Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Not So Simple
Chapter 196: Not So Simple

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"In the interest of fairness, name the subject you're good at and we'll test you on that. Of course, that subject has to do with the research conducted here. But don't you worry. We are not going to expect you to know everything so as long as you can pass the test in your proficient field then we'll consider you victorious," Ruobing said magnanimously. This time she could afford to be more honest.

However, the fact that she only revealed this information after Xinghe had accepted the challenge was indeed a bit below the belt. She should have told Xinghe beforehand it was not her she would be challenging but the experts there.

Luo Jun predicted this was the trick she was playing so he regretted not stopping Xinghe when he had the chance.

After all, the most difficult challenge wasn't going to come from Yun Ruobing but the scientists and professors there.

No matter how talented Xinghe might be, she was still young, how could she compete with decades of experience?

Not to mention the other restriction laid down by Ruobing. The subject she named must be related to the research done at the lab.

That would mean subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, or computer science.

None of these subjects were easy to pick up. How was it possible that Xinghe master any one of these subjects at her young age?

In any case, no one was on her side, there was no reason to.

All but one

Standing outside the door, a large man studied Xinghe closely, his pair of eyes lighting up with excitement.

He believed Xinghe is capable of surprising everyone there.

Of course, other than this mysterious man, the biggest supporter for Xinghe was herself!

She had been climbing her way back with no one's help but her own after all.

She wasn't at all affected by Ruobing's little trick. She didn't care who her opponent was.

"Well, at least you still know your limits and let someone else compete in your place. And here I was being afraid that the challenge would be over way too fast," She even managed to sneak in a zinger.

"You" Ruobing gritted her teeth in anger but soon realized Xinghe's arrogance might work in her favor. This way she could openly get the best professor to deal with Xinghe.

"Enough talk. Tell me what your desired subjects are."

"I'm quite familiar with computer science and mathematics." Xinghe also knew a thing or two about biology, physics, and other hard sciences but there was no need to tip her hand.

"Fine, then the test shall be on mathematics and computer science!" Ruobing could barely suppress the smile that threatened to appear on her lips.

She thought Xinghe will only say computer science since the little hacking incident did showcase her prowess in it, but mathematics?

The subject was a complicated and hard to master field of study.

Even if she was lucky enough to pass the test on computer science, she was bound to fail when it came to the mathematics test.

A complex mathematical equation was more than enough to drive her away!

Ruobing couldn't wait to see this woman, that challenged her authority, leave.

Perhaps it was jealousy between women, but the more confidently Xinghe presented herself, the more Ruobing felt like subduing her.

She would not allow a second woman to steal her spotlight.

The test was to be held inside a lab.

It was home to the latest super computer so the room was spacious enough to fit many people.

Normally, the lab was used during group experiments but for that day, it was to be a testing ground.

The crowd followed them into the lab, hoping to watch the spectacle.

Work in the lab was rather mundane and tedious so whenever a challenge like this occurred, it was quite a welcome distraction.

It took their minds off the humdrum of work and offered an opportunity for them to improve their knowledge through an amusing manner.

However, they probably wouldn't be able to learn anything from the challenge that day.