Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 197

Chapter 197 The Rigorous Competition
Chapter 197: The Rigorous Competition

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No one believed Xinghe would come out victorious

Even Luo Jun started to have his doubts.

Before the test began, he sidled stealthily to Xinghe's side and whispered, "Miss Xia, you can't go on with this challenge. There are a handful of top experts employed here. Leader Yun will surely get them to conduct these tests."

Xinghe nodded as if she knew this from the very beginning, "Thank you, I know."

"Then why did you accept her challenge?" Luo Jun was bewildered.

"Why not? It's the perfect chance to convince everyone of my ability."

"But those scientists will surely make this difficult for you. They may each have their own temperament but at the end of the day, Leader Yun is still their superior. You'll leave after a month but they'll need to face Leader Yun as long as they still work here. There is no way they are not going to back Leader Yun up."

In other words, even with Mubai's support, they were going to put up a unified front against Xinghe.

"I know," Xinghe repeated her response in the same uninterested tone. It frustrated Luo Jun to no end.

However, he couldn't stand there and do nothing because his livelihood depended on Xinghe staying. If Xinghe was chased out, Mubai would definitely make sure he joined her.

"Miss Xia, how about we inform CEO Xi. I'm sure he can make them listen to reason."

"There's no need to bother him because I can handle this just fine," Xinghe replied and stopped him from continuing, "Don't worry, I assure you, I'll leave you out of this no matter how this thing ends."

"That, that is not what I meant" Luo Jun stuttered as his face started to blush. He was too embarrassed to dissuade Xinghe anymore.

At that moment, Ruobing finally arrived.

She'd left to arrange the candidates for Xinghe's tests, and probably to discuss how to make this extra hard for her.

"Can we get started?" Xinghe asked coolly.

"Sure," Ruobing nodded and ushered in three elderly gentlemen. "Before we start the test, let me make some introductions. I have with me Professor Chen, Professor Wong, and Professor Qian. All of the esteemed professors' fields of research are in mathematics so they'll be the ones testing you on that."

The crowd started to murmur after Ruobing finished her introduction.

Luo Jun couldn't help himself and blurted out, "Leader Yun, all the three professors are the best mathematicians we have on our payroll. Isn't it a bit too rigorous to have them formulate the test for Miss Xia?"

Rigorous was putting it lightly.

Ruobing was purposely making this as hard as possible for Xinghe. There won't be one expert testing Xinghe but three!

Ruobing shrugged and retorted unashamedly, "Since Xia Xinghe has such confidence not getting our best to face her would just be an insult to her. Wouldn't you agree?"

"" Luo Jun was too pissed to mount a response.

He finally realized how thick-skinned Yun Ruobing can be

"I thank Leader Yun for thinking so highly of me," Xinghe offered with a smile.

"It's only appropriate," Ruobing also responded with a smile, "As I've said, the three professors will be testing you, but don't worry. I've asked them to go easy on you since you're our guest."

"Only three?" Xinghe posed a verbal jab.

Ruobing's smile turned into a condescending sneer. "Three is more than enough for the likes of you."

"What about the computer science test?"

"You can worry about that later." Ruobing didn't plan to test Xinghe on computer science to begin with.