Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Xinghe Must Be Cheating
Chapter 202: Xinghe Must Be Cheating

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The crowd was still as a picture for at least two seconds.

There was disbelief in everyone's eyes. They were too shocked to be able to provide any response.

Xinghe wrote down the answers just like that?

"This is impossible" Ruobing let slip unconsciously, she immediately turned to the three professors. "She's wrong, right? She didn't show any workings to the solutions, her answers have to be nonsensical scribbles!"

The three esteemed professors were at a loss.

Most of the crowd thought the same way Ruobing did, they were certain Xinghe was just scribbling.

Their worlds were shaken when Professor Chen opened his mouth to say, "At least, for my question, her answer is correct."

"Mine too."

"Same for mine," Professor Wong and Professor Qian added.

Ruobing's eyes grew even wider.

The shock rippled through the crowd like a wave.

Xinghe managed to solve the math problems!

Not only that, she managed to solve them without going through the workings!

Just how good was her mathematic knowledge that she was capable of miraculous feat like this?

"Could she have known the answer beforehand?" The taller engineer queried.

Suspicion swept through the crowd.

"After all, she has the support of CEO Xi. It is entirely possible that the three professors have leaked the answers to her beforehand as a sign of deference to CEO Xi," The smaller engineer added with malice.

Certain cretins just liked to watch the world burn.

With their instigation, allegations of falsification and cheating started to fly.

"That's right, she must have known the answer earlier!"

"Even the brightest of us needs to show our working equations, when solving such complicated mathematical problem so there is no way she isn't cheating!"

"Professor Chen, you've given her the answer prior to the test, haven't you?"

The three professors simmered in fury facing the crowd's suspicion.

If not for Ruobing's orders, they wouldn't be there in the first place. Why should they suffer such suspicions?

Worst of all, Ruobing didn't even utter a word to defend their innocence while she knew perfectly well that they weren't in cahoots with Xinghe!

Professor Chen harrumphed, "Since the lot of you suspect us of partiality, then come out and pose the question yourself! See for yourself if she can solve them or not!"

"The professor is right," Ruobing suddenly said like a paragon of justice, "To prove the three professors' innocence, I shall come up with the question myself. Of course, if there's any in the crowd that harbors suspicions of fraud, you're welcome to test her yourself. After all, this lab upholds the value of honesty so we will not suffer cheating behaviors. This is a serious matter because it involves our three professors' reputation!"

Xinghe snickered just loud enough to make Ruobing's blood boil. "Xia Xinghe, what is the meaning of this? Are you afraid of taking this challenge, if you do, this means that there must be something suspicious about the earlier test!"

Ruobing was forcing Xinghe to drag this meaningless challenge out.

She knew in her heart Xinghe couldn't have possibly known the answer earlier, but how could she let Xinghe pass the test so easily.

Furthermore, she had a hard time believing Xinghe was so good that she was able to solve the three complicated questions without showing her working out.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion left was, she was lucky enough to have encountered these questions before.

However, her luck couldn't go on forever, the rest of the test would definitely unveil her true self!

Of course, Xinghe was able to guess Ruobing's train of thought.