Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 203

Chapter 203 A Shameless Woman
Chapter 203: A Shameless Woman

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Ruobing's thought process was so linear that even the three professors could read them. The little respect they still had for her disintegrated.

Those that could observe the situation with clear eyes knew who was in the wrong here. They finally realized who the one bearing the sin of pride really was!

However, Ruobing didn't care about their opinions.

Her one goal was to chase Xinghe away!

In any case, she couldn't afford to lose that day because her position at the lab was on the line!

She had to force Xinghe into taking more challenges.

That was easier than she expected because Xinghe put up zero resistance to this plan of hers.

"Since there is such doubt, then I welcome more tests. However, if I pass this test personally set forth by Leader Yun, consider yourself banned from this lab for life!"

Ruobing was dazed

Xinghe glared strongly at her. "Why, you're the only one who can throw threats around? Two can play this game, sister! You came for me first so expect me to fight back!"

Another shockwave of shock passed through the crowd.

They didn't expect Xinghe to come for Ruobing so blatantly.

However, compared to before, they were rather impressed by her actions. Her tough personality that took no offense was slowly warming up to them.

She was feisty enough to put up a fight and that was pretty commendable.

After all, people weren't sincerely cheering for Ruobing either.

Based on the way she set Xinghe up, it was certain that she had stepped on a few toes on her way to the top.

Earlier, they were cheering for the professors, and not her.

Few of her more boisterous detractors snatched this opportunity to goad her.

"That's right. Leader Yun, you should step up to the challenge. Back up your claim that she cheated!"

"Definitely, Leader Yun, we believe you're a woman of integrity, so what if it's a lifetime ban from the lab? You shouldn't need to worry about that because you're confident she's lying, aren't you?"

For once, the crowd had its uses

Ruobing gritted her teeth in anger but she couldn't lash out at them.

There was a pang of fear in her heart. For some reason, she was hesitant to take Xinghe up on the challenge but there was no way she can back out of this.

Right, isn't there still the computer science test?

Ruobing latched onto this thought like a life buoy among the sea of uncertainties.

"Fine, I promise to test her! But, she has to pass the computer science test first, it will also give me time to prepare myself!" Ruobing said with confidence, not at all ashamed by her brazenness.

Professor Wong scoffed under his breath.

The professors finally saw Ruobing for who she really was, an absolutely shameless woman.

Ruobing tried her best to ignore their pointed stares and questioning gazes. In other words, she was completely dead to shame.

After all, what was a little damage to her reputation compared to being kicked out of her lab?

The winds in the crowd had changed. Ruobing's ostentatious shamelessness was losing her the crowd's support.

In other words, this would probably be the last opportunity she had at chasing Xinghe away!

If Xinghe passed this test as well, then she would be left with no grounds to pressure Xinghe. The crowd wouldn't allow it

Xinghe smiled mildly watching her opponent struggled in desperation. "Alright, name your test. Who will be testing my computer science knowledge?"

"Ee Chen, come here!" Ruobing announced.

The faces in the crowd gave an 'I knew it' kind of an expression.

They foresaw Ruobing calling this computer expert to test Xinghe.

She had the best professors to test Xinghe on mathematics and now the best computer scientist to test her on computer science.

Even the blind knew where she was going with this.

Even she herself might not survive the tests posed by the talents she found out.

Again, such a shameless woman.