Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 204

Chapter 204 I Surrender
Chapter 204: I Surrender

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The crowd parted quickly for the man that was called out.

The lab was silenced as the tall gentleman stepped to the front.

Xinghe looked at her next challenger and her eyes slowly widened with recognition

That man looks so familiar

Wait a minute ET!

It was the hacker that represented Chui Ming during the Hacker Competition.

But why is he here?

Ee Chen's appearance calmed Ruobing slightly. She told Xinghe smugly, "Ee Chen is our lab's computer science committee leader. Rumors say your computer skills are not bad, so I'll have Ee Chen find out for us. I hope you won't disappoint us and give us a good show!"

"You want him to test me?" Xinghe asked with a barely contained scoff.

Ruobing nodded, "That's right!"

"I'll give you a chance to switch him out for someone better."

"Such arrogance again!" Ruobing smirked. "Don't look down on him just because he's young. Ee Chen is the best computer scientist we've got! So, don't judge a book by its cover!"

Don't judge a book by its cover? The man is quite dashing himself.

Either way, someone in the crowd confirmed, "Leader Yun is right. Ee Chen is the best computer scientist among all of us."

There was no voice of dissent from others.

No one could understand Xinghe's cryptic smile. "Fine, so be it. Alright, Mr. Ee, what do you want to test me on?"

"Of course, it has to be a test that is difficult enough to satisfy all of our doubts that you aren't cheating. Ee Chen, don't hold back. I'm sure she's good enough to withstand any challenge you throw at her," Ruobing ordered with a hidden motive.

She was hinting at Ee Chen to give Xinghe the hardest test he could possibly come up with.

She was sure if Ee Chen went full force, he was able to take Xinghe down easily!

She had personally witnessed his skill before. He could be considered one of the best in his field. How could a woman like Xia Xinghe compete with a total expert like him?

Therefore, she was confident Xinghe will lose this time around!

"I surrender."

Ruobing was living her fantasy when Ee Chen uttered with a smile.

"What" She whipped her head around at him. She stared at him with mouth gaping, thinking she had heard him wrongly.

Ee Chen smirked and repeated, "Leader Yun, I said I surrender."

The crowd was shocked.

What is Ee Chen doing? He surrendered without even a fight? What is the meaning of this?

Ruobing's face was overcast with gloom. She screamed at Ee Chen not caring about her image, "Who gave you the permission to surrender! How can you surrender without even putting up a fight? I order you to start the test now!"

Ee Chen's smile froze on his face. His tone dropped when he replied, "Leader Yun, I surrendered, naturally, because I know I'm not her match."

Another shockwave of shock hit the crowd.

Why would Ee Chen say such a thing?

And how can he know he's not Xinghe's competition?

"This is because we've crossed swords a few months ago. I lost completely to her. In fact, I'm mighty impressed by Miss Xia's computer skills, I've not come across someone as professional as her before. If you don't believe me, you can search the footage from this year's Hacker Competition. Miss Xia dominated the competition," Ee Chen explained with a smile, his eyes glowing with excitement.

The rush that he felt during the competition was relived in his mind.

He felt consumed by passion.

There was a constant smile on Ee Chen's face as he went through his explanation but Ruobing and the duo behind her had a complete opposite reaction.

They could barely force a smile even if they wanted to!

They felt the rug was being pulled from under them.