Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 207

Chapter 207 This Is For You
Chapter 207: This Is For You

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"A long day at work?" Mubai asked when he heard her audible sigh.

"It's nothing," Xinghe didn't feel tired, she didn't really do much that day other than chasing Ruobing and her pair of lackeys out.

"I've heard about the thing with Yun Ruobing. It's only your first day and you've done something of that scale," Mubai added suddenly.

Xinghe stared at him, wondering whether he was being critical of her action.

She explained matter-of-factly, "I would have left it be if she didn't come for me first."

So really, Ruobing could blame no one but herself.

Mubai gave a series of short laughs, "Truth be told, I've been waiting to get rid of her."

Xinghe was honestly surprised by this revelation.

Mubai continued to explain, "Her desire for power is clouding her judgment on many things. However, since grandmother is so partial towards her, there is nothing much I can do. You did a splendid job today removing her from the lab, I support your decision fully."

There was a sharp glint in Xinghe's eyes. "You knew the both of us would crash beforehand? You used me to further your agenda?"

Instead of answering her question, Mubai passed her a piece of document. "Take a look at this first."

Xinghe accepted the document and slowly flipped through it. It was an equity transfer contract!

It was to transfer the shares of the lab and she was listed as the beneficiary.

Mubai was giving her 30 percent of the shares!

Xinghe raised her eyes cautiously. "What is the meaning of this?"

"The shares to the Xi Family Lab were originally split right down the middle between me and my grandfather. However, neither grandfather nor I are free or even have any interest in the running of the lab. I'm giving you 30 percent from my part so you'll have undisputed authority around the lab in the future."

Realization dawned for Xinghe.

"You predicted Ruobing would come for me so you had this prepared beforehand?"

"Indeed," Mubai admitted with a slight smile. He liked conversing with her because he didn't need to waste time explaining the jumps in his thoughts.

"I forgot to give it to you this morning but, who knew, you handled the crisis all on your own," Mubai's smile turned brighter when it came to this subject.

He knew everything that happened in the lab that day.

He had a notion that Xinghe might able to thwart Ruobing's effort but the fact that she could turn Ruobing's aggression around to chase her away instead came as a pleasant surprise to him.

He wished he was there in person. The thought of watching Xinghe in all her glory excited him. He got plenty of enjoyment just hearing about how Xinghe circumvented Ruobing's scheme and turned them back on her.

The woman kept finding new ways to bring excitement and enjoyment into his life.

He decided to stick close to this woman, waiting to see what kind of surprise she might bring him next. He couldn't wait to find out more!

Xinghe suddenly dropped the contract in his lap. "I have no need for this, here."

She didn't need the document to consolidate her authority at the lab because the showdown today had helped her accomplish that.

Mubai pushed it back to her. "I've given it to you so it's yours. Plus, you deserve it."

"The only reason I'm at the lab is to fight for my son's custody rights," Xinghe explained flatly. She was completely uninterested in Xi Family's estate.

Mubai smirked. "You could have skipped the experiment and I will still give you the rights. This is a personal gift from me to you. It has nothing to do with the Xi Family name."

"I appreciate the offer but I don't need it," Xinghe rejected firmly. She refused to continue this dance with him.