Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Didnt She Remarry
Chapter 209: Didn't She Remarry?

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Chengwu was a traditional thinker, he didn't wish Lin Lin to grow up in a broken home.

Before Xinghe could rebut, Xia Zhi did it for her, "No way, my sister is not getting back together with him! Dad, Sis is so impressive, how can a run-of-the-mill man be good enough for her?"

Chengwu asked with curiosity, "But Mubai is not your run-of-the-mill man, right?"

"So what, Sis is even better than him. Furthermore, she doesn't need any man in her life to make her feel good."

Xinghe felt gratified because Xia Zhi had spoken the words literally in her mind. However, he suddenly added, "Therefore, unless this Xi Mubai gets down on his knees and grovels for Sis' forgiveness, maybe then, I'll accept Sis considering taking him back!"

"" Xinghe swallowed the compliment she was going to give Xia Zhi.

"Eh, Sis, where are you going?" Xia Zhi turned to realize Xinghe is heading upstairs.

"Work." Xinghe said by way of explanation. Xia Zhi hurried up to follow.

He knew what project she was working on. He was actually curious how she was going to create a perfect artificial human limb.

Xinghe switched on her computer the moment she reached the study.

Before she lost her memory, she had a habit of storing her important data in cloud storage.

Since the night before, she had been pulling out information and files from it.

With a few clicks of the mouse, the screen was suddenly filled with intricate and complicated designs.

They were all designs for robotics

"Wow, Sis, what's all this? You designed them yourself" Xia Zhi moved closer to the computer screen and exclaimed.

Xinghe scanned through the designs and replied nonchalantly, "Not all of them."

"What do you mean?"

"Some were designed by my mother, others I collected from over the years."

Xia Zhi widened his eyes and stared at her. "You mean First Aunty? She designed these"

Xia Zhi's surprise was even bigger than when he found out Xinghe was a computer genius.

After all, Xinghe was born in the technological age so familiarity with computers was not that surprising.

Therefore, he found it harder to accept that his First Aunt, someone from his father's generation was a computer expert too

Xinghe nodded, "Yes, some of these were designed by her hands."

"I can't believe it! First Aunt is so good at these!" Xia Zhi felt his world being turned upside down.

"She taught me everything I know," Xinghe looked to him and said.

Xia Zhi's mouth turned into a perfect circle in surprise.

"Sis, you're already very crazy good so just how insane was First Aunt that she could be your teacher" The more he thought about it, the more regret Xia Zhi felt. "I should have made my father let me stay with the both of you after I was born! Maybe then, I won't be such a side character in your adventure!"

"It won't be of any use, there's the question of talent as well," Xinghe said truthfully. Xia Zhi felt the full force of the sudden face-slap.

Sis can you not be so direct?

"Sis, where is First Aunt anyway?" Xia Zhi asked thoughtfully, he couldn't remember Xinghe ever talking about her.

Xinghe's expression turned solemn. "I have no idea either"

"You don't know? Didn't she remarry?"


"That's right. That's what dad told me when I asked. He said First Aunt remarried and followed her new family overseas. That's why I've hesitated to find out more about her all these years."

Xinghe smiled at her uncle's imagination.

"She just up and left one day, no clue where she went, but she definitely didn't remarry."

"Wait, so even you have no idea where she is?" Xia Zhi found this to be quite unbelievable. Xinghe was at least his First Aunt's daughter so she should have told her where she was going.

Xinghe didn't know how to answer. Her eyes glistened and she said mildly, "The past is the past. For now, I need your help with"

Before Xinghe finished her sentence, her computer sounded with alarm, signaling that someone was hacking into her private server.