Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 212

Chapter 212 A Summons From Old Madam Xi
Chapter 212: A Summons from Old Madam Xi

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Her mind worked in terms of data and processing data was something that came as naturally to her as breathing.

Formulas, graphs, and almost everything was automatically converted into data in her mind.

Like a computer, her brain was capable of utilizing all sorts of algorithm.

In fact, she could freely adopt and adapt multiple algorithms to solve complicated questions.

Simply put, she was a data processing genius!

"My decision to approach you was right!" Ee Chen said excitedly, "Xia Xinghe, I'm going to stick to you like glue from now on."

"That depends on how valuable the information you're giving me in exchange is," Xinghe said with emphasis. She might agree to accept his help but it didn't mean that she trusted him unconditionally.

Ee Chen replied with a big smile, "Don't worry, I assure you - the information I have is priceless."

Xinghe raised her brows but kept her opinions to herself.

She might die soon but she still had a burning desire to find out more about this Project Galaxy.

It had everything to do with her mother's mysterious disappearance.

Now that there was a whiff of a clue, she naturally refused to let it go. She hoped Ee Chen would keep to his word and the information he had would not prove to be a disappointment.

Suddenly, Xinghe's phone rang.

To her surprise, it was from Xi Family's old mansion.

Old Madame Xi expressed her intention of meeting her!

Although Xinghe had no clue why Old Madame Xi summoned her but she guessed it had to do with the artificial limb technology.

Xinghe drove to the old mansion.

"The old madam is waiting for you at the drawing studio by the garden, the madam is there as well," explained the maid who led her to the garden in low whispers.

"Is the little master around?" Xinghe enquired.

"Little master is at school."

Xinghe knew they would have him away before calling her over.

Xi Lin was a student at City T's most famous school. The school was the choice for many nobles and aristocrats so security was extremely high. Entry was not easily permitted.

Therefore, Xinghe couldn't intercept Lin Lin at his school even if she tried.

So, the only thing she could do was to focus on the design.

After that, she would be able to bring her son away from this place

"We're here, please," the maid said as she opened the door to the studio for Xinghe. She bowed and waved for her to go in.

Xinghe walked in and more than a couple of familiar faces greeted her.

Not only were Old Madame Xi and Mrs. Xi there but also Yun Ruobing and Chu Tianxin!

The elegant and comfortable studio was separated into two sections. The right hand side of the room was decorated with a set of pure leather white sofa while the other side of the room housed a number of easels and a wide wooden table.

The table was cluttered with painting accoutrements like color palettes, inks and paint brushes

A few tasteful, postmodern oil paintings hung on the studio walls.

The paintings were probably originals by Old Madame Xi.

The mysterious matriarch of the Xi Family situated herself in the middle sofa, gracefully sipping a cup of tea.

This was the first time Xinghe met her!

Even during her wedding, Old Madame Xi didn't make an appearance.

Old Madame Xi was famously a recluse. She spent most of her days cloistered in her painting studio; it was nearly impossible to request a meeting with her.

The very first thing that struck Xinghe about Old Madame Xi was her youthfulness!

It was obvious that a lot of work had gone into maintaining her appearance. Her body was well-proportioned, her skin had a youthful sheen, and - other than some faded crowfeet - her face was smooth. Even her hair that was swept into an up-do was as dark as onyx.

She looked like a woman approaching fifty even though Xinghe knew that her actual age was more than seventy.