Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Unflattering Personality
Chapter 214: Unflattering Personality

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Tianxin's scowl turned into a satisfactorily smirk.

The inconspicuous change in her expression didn't escape Xinghe's detection.

"People change, it happens," Xinghe responded nonchalantly to Old Madam Xi's observation. She took the initiative and asked Old Madam Xi, "Is the reason why Madam Xi called me here to talk about the event that happened at the lab?"

Old Madam Xi picked up on Xinghe's desire to cut to the chase.

She smiled thinly. "You're right. Looks like you're not at all afraid I'm going to punish you for your mistake."

"Madam Xi sure has an interesting sense of humor. I have no idea I've even committed a mistake," Xinghe replied calmly, "If you're referring to the incident where Miss Yun was chased out of the lab, then I assure you on that particular incident, I made no mistake."

"You never do, do you?" Mrs. Xi scoffed. The more time she spent with Xinghe, the greater her disdain towards Xinghe grew.

"You schemed to break up Tianxin and Mubai's engagement and you consider that as 'not a mistake', your first day at work and you already chased away Ruobing who had worked there for at least a decade, and you still consider yourself not guilty! Xia Xinghe, do you seriously think that you're above reproach? For shame! Just what kind of bad luck has our Xi family been struck with for our fate to be entangled with the likes of you? I so regret letting Mubai marry you! It was out of pity that I allowed my Xi Family to take you in but what did you give in return? Heartache and catastrophe!"

Xinghe expected as much when she received the call. This was a tribunal with her set up as the guilty party.

Xinghe knew the kind of personality Mrs. Xi had so she decided not to press the point and drag this thing out. Instead she said flatly, "I don't care what your impression of me is. If this is the only reason you have me over, then I'm going to excuse myself. I have more pressing things to attend to."

"What important things do you have to attend to?" Ruobing asked pointedly, "You strong-armed me out of the lab but you yourself didn't show up at work over the past few days. I genuinely have no idea what you are to up. Or do you think because since you have the run of the lab that you can just do whatever you want and play truant?"

"Mother, I believe she is playing us for fools. Ruobing spent the entire length of her youth at the lab just to repay your kindness. Now, Xia Xinghe not only chased her away, but also didn't attend to her duties at the lab, the girl is completely lawless with no respect for you, the lab, or the law!" Mrs. Xi told Old Madam Xi angrily.

"Xinghe, I'm sure Mubai will be deeply disappointed if he knows you're squandering this valuable opportunity the Xi family has given you," Tianxin advised Xinghe like she really couldn't bear to see Xinghe go down the wrong path.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" Old Madam Xi asked coolly.

She didn't directly accuse Xinghe but the meaning was the same.

Xinghe responded without batting an eye, "The time limit given is one month. If I have anything to say for myself, I will say it then."

In other words, she was telling them to wrap it up. She was tired of this witch-hunt.

Old Madam Xi smiled disingenuously. "No wonder Lin Lin's grandmother doesn't like you, you do have an unpleasant personality."

Xinghe didn't rise to the bait. Her expression didn't even change.

So, people didn't like her, big deal. She didn't care a single bit.

Furthermore, Mrs. Xi liked those that knew how to pander to her. Xinghe would rather die than to demean herself like that.

"If there's nothing else, I'm taking my leave." Xinghe stood up to leave. She'd had enough of this drama.

"You are not allowed to step into the lab anymore," Old Madam Xi suddenly announced with authority.

Xinghe stopped and turned back with her eyebrows raised. "Why?"