Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Ruobing Has Finished The Design
Chapter 215: Ruobing Has Finished the Design

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Old Madam Xi didn't reply but her daughter-in-law chimed in, "No particular reason, just like how you chased Ruobing away for no reason, we're chasing you out now! Letting you stay at the lab is just a waste of time and resources. Therefore, don't think of ever stepping foot in the lab again; you're banned for life!"

Mrs. Xi had been waiting to teach Xinghe a lesson so she didn't hold back when she scolded Xinghe.

Xinghe's pair of black eyes stared straightly at Old Madam Xi. "Just because of that?"

Old Madam Xi maintained the eye contact. "Ruobing has finished the best design so you are of no use anymore."

Xinghe's gaze shifted to Ruobing

Ruobing smirked triumphantly, "That's right, I've finished the design. Now, I'm only waiting for it to be constructed. Therefore, you're no longer needed."

"You finished the design?" Xinghe queried with suspicion, "With no outside help?"

"Xia Xinghe!" Xinghe's words seemed to have struck a nerve causing Ruobing to lash out at her, "Just what are you insinuating? Only you can complete this design and no one else can? Don't make me laugh! There are plenty of people more capable than you so don't think too highly of yourself!"

Xinghe nodded slightly. "You're right. There are plenty of people more capable than me but you are definitely not one of them!"

"You" Ruobing's face was overcast, not expecting Xinghe to insult her so openly.

"Xia Xinghe, you've crossed the line. Don't be so envious of Ruobing just because she finished the design before you," Tianxin jumped on Xinghe indignantly.

Old Madam Xi frowned with displeasure. She didn't have anything against Xinghe but she definitely wasn't her fan.

But now, she started to dislike Xinghe.

"Xia Xinghe, you are indeed too cocky. Ruobing spent so many years in her research so it is normal for her to eventually complete the project, unlike you who promised us result within one month even though you have no experience at all in this field! I advise you take your leave before it is too late or else you might have a taste of my wrath!"

Xinghe smiled thinly, her gaze several degrees sharper. "Madam Xi is correct. Ruobing did spend years on her research and is thus more experienced than me. But I'm curious, why would she suddenly complete her design at this juncture while she literally made zero progress for so many years before this?"

Especially when Xinghe's own design was almost complete.

"Xia Xinghe, what do you mean by that?" Ruobing's tone was as chilling as the winter's breath. "I was already at the brink of a break-through when your sudden appearance ruined it!"

"That or my sudden appearance helped fulfill it"

"You" Ruobing widened her eyes but not so much in anger, more in shock.

Xinghe stared her down. "Since you've finished the design, dare to show it to me?"

Ruobing calmed herself down quickly and smirked. "Show it to you? What for? For you to plagiarize?"

"Xia Xinghe, the bottom line is Ruobing has finished the design, you have to accept that fact no matter what! This means that your contract with our Xi family is nullified, you are no longer needed, of course this means that you will never see my grandson again," Mrs. Xi said triumphantly.

"Auntie is right. Ruobing's design is the best I've seen," Tianxin nodded.

"Security, send her out," Old Madam Xi was more direct.

A security rushed into the room immediately and told Xinghe with a stone-cold expression, "Miss Xia, please follow me!"

Xinghe's gaze swept the room of women. Instead of anger or indignation, there were derision and scorn in them.