Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 216

Chapter 216 A Meaningful Smile
Chapter 216: A Meaningful Smile

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She was laughing at the expense of their gullibility for falling so easily to Yun Ruobing's cheap tricks.

Ruobing misread Xinghe's smile as a scowl and she jubilantly exclaimed, "Xia Xinghe, the feeling hurts, doesn't it? In the end, I win and you lose! I have you beaten!"

She was alluding to the incident that happened a few days ago. To think Xia Xinghe thought she had beaten her by throwing her out of the lab; Ruobing sure showed her! Victory was ultimately hers!

Ruobing was on cloud nine because she didn't expect her chance at revenge would come so soon!

How Xinghe humiliated her then, she was going to return tenfold!

Of course, this was only phase one. Another win would be when she made her grand return to the lab. Of course, she wouldn't hesitate to humiliate Xinghe if she was shameless enough to show up at the lab despite the ban.

Maybe birds of a feather really do flock together because Tianxin and Ruobing happened to be best friends, and her best friend spoke the words that were on her mind.

Tianxin told Xinghe smugly, "Xinghe, now that Ruobing has finished the designs, she has all the rights to return to the lab. Bet you didn't see this coming when you chased her away. That's why the book teaches us to be humble because, as you can see, it is easy to shoot ourselves in the foot."

"It's just the design," Xinghe smiled thinly. "I too have finished mine. It is still an unknown who will have the better end product, so don't you think it is too early to say something like this?"

"You can stop working on the design," Old Madame Xi said with finality, "I'm very satisfied with Ruobing's design, yours will never be better than hers. Therefore, your agreement with the Xi family is officially nullified, and I repeat, you are no longer allowed to present yourself at the lab."

"But the promised time limit is one full month"

"If I say it's nullified, then it's nullified," Old Madame Xi declared as she stared Xinghe down.

"I'll be frank, ever since you chose to leave Xi Family, this place no longer welcomed you. Even if you try your hardest to tear up Tianxin and Mubai, he will never take you back because the love of his life is Tianxin; she is the one he's going to marry. I willing to forgive what you did to Ruobing this time but you are no longer allowed to take another step into our Xi Family's territory! Lin Lin may be your son but he will never leave the Xi family and will have nothing more to do with you. I know you're a clever girl, so stop hounding us Xi Family and go seek your own happiness elsewhere! You have no claim to be here anymore!"

"Hear that? You have no claim to be here anymore," Mrs. Xi repeated for emphasis.

"I never wanted to be here in the first place and I have no plans of returning," Xinghe replied calmly, "But my son is mine and I will have him by my side eventually!"

"Xia Xinghe, are you deaf or something" Old Mrs. Xi was angered by Xinghe's stubborn attitude. "I've told you multiple times, Lin Lin no longer has any ties to you, that is the fact and it will not be changed. He will stay with us no matter what so I suggest you don't waste your energy. Leave now or I'll have security toss you out!"

Xinghe was not at all pricked by their insults. In fact, she smiled indulgently. "Fine, since you lot have so much faith in Yun Ruobing, then we shall await the day she achieves success."

Xinghe gave Ruobing a meaningful parting smile before turning to leave.

Ruobing's smug smile froze on her face.

For some reason, she felt unhinged by Xinghe's parting smile. Feelings of anxiety crawled up within her

But the fact was Xia Xinghe had been chased out of the lab and success was within her grasp. There was nothing Xia Xinghe could do to foil her plan now.

Yes, the plan that she had nurtured for over a decade. The thought of its imminent fruition made Ruobing giddy with excitement!