Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Stop Targeting Her
Chapter 224: Stop Targeting Her!

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"But the fact is she lost!" Old Madam Xi opened her mouth to say, "Ruobing's design is perfect. I am very satisfied with it. It's only a matter of time for her to get it built. No other design or product will be better than hers."

"But you haven't even seen Xinghe's design."

Old Madam Xi declared confidently, "There's no need to. As I've said, Ruobing's design is perfect. There is no way Xia Xinghe can come up with something better than hers."

Mubai's lips curved into a mysterious smile. "Grandmother, how can you be so sure when you haven't even seen Xinghe's design?"

"Because the ingenuity in Ruobing's design cannot be denied!" Old Madam Xi stressed, "The only way Xia Xinghe's design can be better than hers is if the sun rises from the west."

"What if her design is better than Ruobing's?" Mubai's question cut through loud and clear.

Ruobing's eyelid twitched involuntarily.

Her heart started to palpitate from panic.

Is it possible that Xinghe's design is better than hers?

Impossible because the one she has on her hands is designed by Xia Xinghe as well. Ruobing hated to admit it but the design is perfect. Therefore, Xinghe can only come up with something equally good as this one and definitely not something better.

Mubai had no clue her design came from Xinghe and, with Xinghe's talent, Ruobing could understand why he has such faith in her.

However, since there were two perfect designs, both designed by Xinghe, the one that finished the construction first would win.

On this particular issue, Ruobing had a head start on Xinghe so the victory was already in her bag! Ruobing had her adoptive grandmother's support; Old Madam Xi would impede Xinghe's progress at every turn!

Ruobing was going to use Xinghe's own design to triumph over Xinghe!

Old Madam Xi studied Mubai for a long time before saying, "Since you trust your ex-wife so much, how about a bet? If her design turns out to be better than Ruobing's then our Xi family will welcome her back with open arms and will not stand in your way should you want to pursue her again, how about it?"

Inwardly, Mubai laughed with self-deprecation.

The issue was not whether Xi Family was willing to accept Xinghe or not but whether Xinghe was willing to take him back.

The initiative was not with the Xi Family.

Regardless, having his family's blessing might not be a bad thing.

"You have a deal," Mubai accepted with a nod, "But what's the catch?"

Of course, he wasn't nave enough to think his grandmother would pull him into a bet just for fun. There had to be a catch behind it.

Unsurprisingly, Old Madam Xi announced solemnly, "If her design is not better than Ruobing, you are not allowed to see this woman again and you'll promise me to find a woman to marry. Of course, that person mustn't necessarily be Chu Tianxin as long as she is good enough to bear the Xi name."

Mubai stood up and answered without giving it much thought, "I accept the bet, but I'm telling you, grandmother, I won't lose."

"Sonny, you're overestimating Xia Xinghe! Also, if she loses, you are to take back your shares. How can you just give our Xi Family's estate away just like that? Moreover, the amount is not small."

"Actually, Grandmother, if you weren't influenced by other people to purposely target her in the first place, I wouldn't have been forced to give her the lab's shares."

"So, you're saying this is our fault?"

Mubai nodded resolutely, "It is, so stop targeting her for no reason! Or else things are just going to get worse."

"You" Old Madam Xi was too surprised to actually be angry. She didn't expect her grandson to talk to her this way.

This grandson of hers always treated her with respect, but now, he turned on her for the sake of an outsider.

"I've said all I came to say. Please do take your rest now, I'll be leaving," Mubai took his leave but this little confrontation between him and his grandmother quickly spread across Xi Family, shocking everyone in its wake.

Ruobing told Tianxin the moment she was excused by Old Madam Xi.

"What did you say" Tianxin was shocked when she heard the news, "Mubai gave the b*tch half of the lab's shares?"