Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 225

Chapter 225 I Will Kill You
Chapter 225: I Will Kill You

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"That's right. Not only that, he warned us from targeting Xia Xinghe or else he might come for us himself," Ruobing added purposely to rile Tianxin up, "Old Madame Xi even promised, if Xia Xinghe actually successfully pulls the project off, she'll agree to them remarrying."

This time Tianxin was shocked into speechlessness.

Fear gripped at her heart, chilling her from head to toe.

She stopped listening to what Ruobing was saying. Suddenly, her eyes snapped into focus and she threw the mobile in her hand up against the wall!

Then, she went on a rampage, tearing everything in sight up, screeching all the while.

"What's going on" Mr. and Mrs. Chu rushed to her room after they heard her piercing scream and was stunned to see the chaos in Tianxin's room.

"Tianxin, are you alright?" Mrs. Chu asked with concern while she stared at her daughter like she was a complete stranger.

Tianxin's hair was disheveled and her face was a mixture of pain and anxiety, looking like a victim that had survived a natural disaster.

"Xia Xinghe" Tianxin enunciated like the name was a swearword and her eyes glowed with immense hatred. "I will kill you! I will definitely kill you!"

Xinghe who was working in the study shivered and sneezed.

Xia Zhi came in with a glass of hot milk, asked with concern, "Sis, are you coming down with flu?"

"I'm fine, I got something in my nose, that's all. Why are you still up? You should be asleep."

"Sis, people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stone, you too should be asleep," Xia Zhi set down the glass of milk beside her. "Here, Sis, you're still working on the design? It's late, I'm sure you can continue this tomorrow."

"Just a bit more, and I'm done." Xinghe took a sip of the milk and she instantly felt refreshed. "Go back to bed. I'll be fine."

"Sis, I want to accompany you when you go to the lab," Xia Zhi said suddenly.

Xinghe raised her head in confusion. "But why?"

Xia Zhi replied seriously, "Of course it is to be your support in case those bunch of people bully you! Furthermore, another pair of eyes never hurt, I can help watch your back."

Xinghe smiled. "Do you seriously think they can bully me?"

"Sis, I know you're incredible but it's better to be safe than sorry. I guarantee certain parties will be up to something to prevent you from finishing your research."

"You're right. Certain people will definitely come for me."

"Sis, you already knew that? Do you know their plan as well" Xia Zhi asked excitedly. His sister was the brightest person he knew so of course she would see through their ploys.

Xinghe shook her head, "Unfortunately, that I do not know, but I am sure they will do something to prevent my success."

"That's why you need me there, to protect you."

Xinghe didn't reject his offer, instead she said, "There's no need to hurry. I'm not returning to the lab anytime soon. We'll let them believe they've won - for now."

"Then, when will you return?"

"When all the preparation's finished."

"Remember to bring me along!" Xia Zhi said with resolve. Xinghe reluctantly relented, "Alright, I will. Now go to bed."

Xia Zhi left the study happily after getting her permission. The questions brought up by Xia Zhi muddled Xinghe's mind so much so that she couldn't concentrate on her work anymore

What will Yun Ruobing do to stop me?

Xinghe was absent from the lab the day after like she said.

Ruobing was relieved because she'd thought Xinghe would make her appearance.

However, she knew she couldn't let her guard down as, similar to her, Xinghe had a design of her own, she would make her appearance eventually.

Ruobing had to be ready because she needed to succeed before she could allow Xia Xinghe to even have the chance to do so.