Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Success Is Hers
Chapter 230: Success Is Hers

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The atmosphere at the lab was a fiesta.

Ruobing's team of engineers was ecstatic. They'd finally created the perfect artificial human limb.

Everyone there knew what this success meant.

It meant a giant step for the betterment of humanity, a page in the history books!

Fame and money, those were the rewards waiting for the crew who had a hand in this project.

Of course, as the manager that championed this ground-breaking research, Ruobing was going to secure herself a life of wealth and power.

Ruobing knew this development was inevitable but she still found it difficult to suppress the hysteria in her heart.

She cheered alongside her team and then turned to Luo Jun with a smug smile. "Aren't you glad you're here to share in my moment of glory It is too late for Xia Xinghe, too late, you hear me! I did it first, the victory is mine!"

Luo Jun suddenly felt absolute contempt for this woman.

The design was Miss Xia's handiwork, how can she be so shameless as to claim it as hers and, not only that, gloat about it?

Luo Jun felt sorry for Miss Xia. All the rewards that were supposed to be hers were now taken by Yun Ruobing. How is that fair?

At that moment, Luo Jun wanted to expose Ruobing so badly.

However, he had no proof, so he resigned himself to standing there quietly waiting for the celebration to pass.

Ruobing cackled triumphantly, savoring Luo Jun's cowed silence. After that, she quickly pulled out her mobile to inform Elder Xi of the good news.

Elder Xi was overjoyed. He started guffawing. The attention of the people around him was attracted by this unusual behavior of his.

"Good! Good! Well done, Ruobing! Now send the arm over to the hospital now, the doctors are waiting to conduct the surgery. After this thing is over, name your price and I will give you anything you want!" Elder Xi promised happily.

Ruobing could feel her blood boiling, her eyes shined with a manic glow.

"Alright Elder Xi, I'll have my men send the thing over now!" After she hung up the phone, she also followed the crew to the hospital. Her caution toward Xinghe was completely out the window.

In her eyes, Xia Xinghe had completely lost.

Success was already hers. There was no need to be vigilant toward Xia Xinghe anymore.

Indeed, Xia Xinghe who?

Ruobing's impression of Xinghe dropped from caution to condescension. Xia Xinghe was less than the scum under her fingernails.

Her team of engineers, especially the Dumb and Dumber Duo, felt the same way.

In their eyes, Xia Xinghe got her just deserts for coming after their beloved Leader Yun.

In the lab, perhaps only Luo Jun was on Xinghe's side. He fulfilled his responsibility and carried a finished prototype back to Xinghe.

However, he nursed a ball of fire and grievances.

"Miss Xia, you have no idea how smug that Yun Ruobing was. She has taken all the glory by using your design and she's going to the hospital now with the final product! If you don't expose her now, it'll be too late, she would have taken all the advantages."

Luo Jun's anxiousness infected Xia Zhi.

"He's right, Sis. We need to hurry and expose that despicable woman!"

Xinghe was their complete opposite, a paragon of serenity and calm.

She was taking her time poring over Ruobing's prototype.

This only made Xia Zhi more anxious. "Sis, how come you can still be so calm?"

"Why should I be worried?"

"Because Yun Ruobing is practically one step away from the finish line!"