Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Yun Ruobings Vanity
Chapter 231: Yun Ruobing's Vanity

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"Finish line?" Xinghe scoffed, "How can she reach the finish line with a faulty product?"

Xia Zhi was reminded of the fact that Ruobing's design was a fake.

"But didn't they say they've succeeded"

"He's right so how can it be faulty? They've tested it and the product appears to be fine." Luo Jun was equally confused.

"Because I say so," Xinghe confirmed with finality.

Xia Zhi believed her unconditionally. "Sis, I believe you. Yours is the real one and hers has to be faulty!"

"But which part of it is faulty? I've seen the design myself and it is perfect" Luo Jun was still hung up on it.

Xia Zhi advised him, "Stop getting yourself worked up over it, just have faith in my sister. If she says it's faulty then it has to be. She has never been wrong before."

"" It was not like Luo Jun had any other choice.

By then, Xinghe had finished poring over Ruobing's prototype. She turned to Luo Jun and ordered, "Bring me to one of the working labs and get me a few trustworthy technicians and engineers; I'm getting this done in an hour!"

Luo Jun was shell-shocked.

At the hospital, the group of surgeons led by Lu Qi was standing at the ready.

Every Xi Family member was there, even Tianxin.

Today was the surgery for Old Madam Xi; for the Xi family, this was a momentous event.

The whole surgery building was closed down by security guards. Unrelated personnel were not allowed entry.

Everyone was gathered in a giant conference room examining Ruobing's artificial human limb.

The limb was connected to a control panel and a few doctors were trying it out by issuing it multiple commands.

Everyone stared gob smacked at the dexterous arm

If they didn't know it was an artificial limb, they would think it was an actual severed arm.

It looked just like one, appearance-wise!

In actuality, Xi Family's Lab had long since perfected the appearance aspect of artificial limb technology. However, they were lacking in the internal machinery that could bring it to life.

Ruobing's design was the breakthrough they've been looking for. The intricate, internal technicalities combined with the already perfect appearance lent it an authenticity that couldn't be denied.

With such an artificial limb fitted to a human being, people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

The few doctors were beyond shock. This was a technology that they didn't expect they could see in their lifetime.

"Impressive, just too impressive!" An awed senior doctor exclaimed, "This design is simply too perfect, a much-needed catalyst to advance the medical technology!"

"Indeed, this will be a technology that rocks the world," Another doctor added.

They felt honored to be given the opportunity to participate in such a ground-breaking surgery.

This was the highest honor possible for those in the medical industry.

Even Lu Qi who was greatly influential in the medical field was on his figurative knees over the design.

He looked at Ruobing with admiration, praising, "Miss Yun, you are definitely a genius. This design and product is miraculous."

Everyone gave her admiring and idolizing looks.

This gave Ruobing's ego a massive boost. She could barely keep her vanity in check as she replied with as much humility as she could muster, "You flatter me too much, Doctor Lu. I'm barely a genius since I spent so many years toiling over this design. Success has eluded me for a very long time."

"Ruobing indeed had spent years pouring her heart and soul into this design. To be honest, I didn't expect she would achieve success so soon, so this is such a pleasant surprise" Grandfather Xi laughed happily.