Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 232

Chapter 232 The Enhancement Is Complete
Chapter 232: The Enhancement Is Complete!

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No one had seen Elder Xi so happy before. One could hear his happy guffaws throughout the day.

Everyone lined up to shower Ruobing with praises, to get in her good books

There was only one exception. Mubai stood outside the conference room door, picked up his phone to call Xinghe.

"Where are you?" he asked.

Xinghe held the phone to her ear but her focus was completely on monitoring the technicians' movement. "Finishing up the product at the lab."

"Ruobing is already here with hers, the surgery will be starting soon."

There was a slight pause in Xinghe's response, but nothing beyond that. She enquired, "When exactly is the surgery time?"

"1 pm."

It was slightly past 12 pm so there was still time.

Xinghe replied softly, "Thank you, I will be there before 1 pm."

"Okay, call me if you need any help."

"Thank you."

Both hung up at the same time. The moment Mubai turned around, he saw Tianxin who was exiting the room.

"Mubai, who were you on the phone to? Was it Xia Xinghe?" Tianxin asked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

Mubai's expression was unreadable. He had no interest of starting any conversation with Tianxin.

When he made to leave, Tianxin moved to block his way. "Mubai, Ruobing has already succeeded so why are you still banking on Xia Xinghe? She has already lost!"

Mubai frowned slightly. "What is your point?"

Tianxin added sullenly, "I just want to remind you of your promise to Old Madame Xi"

The one where if Xia Xinghe failed, he was not to have any relationship with her anymore.

Mubai chuckled. "What about the promise?"

Tianxin furrowed her brows. "What do you mean what about the promise? You can't go back on your words and stay with that woman after she fails. And on that matter, why are you so obsessed with her? I am a million times better and"

"This has nothing to do with you." Mubai brusquely ended the conversation and went into the conference room.

Tianxin stood frigidly at the spot. Her face was one of wrath.

She gripped her hands tightly to suppress the madness, anger, and displeasure that were rising in her heart!

Xi Mubai was hers, he had to be hers! She couldn't bear the thought of giving him to someone else.

Therefore, regardless of the result, Xinghe had a calamity coming, courtesy of Chu Tianxin

"Sis, I still don't get it. I realize your design is slightly different from Ruobing's, but what's the catch?" Xia Zhi asked as he stared at the design on screen.

Her whole team was confused.

The change to her design was minimal. It was pretty much the same as Ruobing's.

"The key difference is durability," Xinghe revealed.

The answer didn't exactly help clear up the confusion.

The materials used are the same, so how come Ruobing's won't be durable?

Xia Zhi had learnt to not question his sister so he stopped fixating on the question.

Xinghe didn't build the artificial limb from scratch. She merely introduced a series of enhancements to Ruobing's ready-made prototype.

With everyone's cooperation, the enhancements were done under an hour!

"Miss Xia, it's ready!" Luo Jun ran over excitedly to inform her, "What should we do now, go to the hospital?"

He couldn't wait for the face-slapping to begin and for Xinghe to claim back the glory she rightfully deserved.