Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 234

Chapter 234 She Stole My Design
Chapter 234: She Stole my Design!

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Xinghe didn't answer but turned to look at Xia Zhi.

Xia Zhi took the cue and opened the big box that he was carrying in his arms. It opened to reveal a human-emulated artificial arm.

Other than Mubai, everyone present was shocked!

"Isn't isn't this the same as Ruobing's?" Mrs. Xi blurted out.

She was right, the arm was the exact same as Ruobing's.

They had just finished studying Ruobing's product so the striking similarities couldn't be mistaken.

Ruobing dashed forward angrily. "Xia Xinghe, so you did steal my stuff! This is not your handiwork; it's mine! My team created three prototypes and the one you have there is one of mine!"

The crowd was startled.

How can Xia Xinghe steal Ruobing's design and then pretend that it is hers? The woman really knows no shame!

Mrs. Xi scoffed angrily, "Xia Xinghe, how can you steal from someone else! This is illegal; we can sue, so you better explain yourself!"

"Xinghe, how can you do something like this?" Tianxin took the opportunity to chime in.

The two ladies were swaying the crowd's opinion.

Almost everyone was looking at Xinghe with a condescending gaze.

The only exception was of course Mubai who kept a confident smile. He had great faith in Xinghe, she would rise up to the occasion.

After this short period of time together, he got a feel of her real personality.

She was an incredibly cautious person. She would only strike if she was a hundred percent confident.

He snuck a look at her, and as he suspected, there was no trace of panic on her face.

She said calmly, "I think the lot of you have mistaken. This here is my design. Other than me, no one else could have come up with it."

"You must be joking!" Mrs. Xi challenged her furiously, offended by her shamelessness, "The thing you have is the exact same replica as Ruobing's that we just saw. Plus, I was told you haven't been in the labs for the past few weeks so how could you have come up with a finished product so fast? It is clear as day that you stole this from Ruobing, that thing belongs to Ruobing!"

"Stop arguing and let me see the arm!" Elder Xi announced with authority.

Xia Zhi turned to elicit Xinghe's opinion. He strode to Elder Xi after Xinghe gave him the affirmative nod.

Elder Xi picked up the arm and studied it closely with a verifier's eye.

He narrowed his eyes sharply at Xinghe and scoffed, "This is completely the same as Ruobing's design! Do you think we are all so dumb that we wouldn't be able to tell the difference? Xia Xinghe, where did you get the courage to lie to us so openly"

"Xia Xinghe, why did you steal my design?" Ruobing interrogated angrily as if she had truly been wronged.

Then again, the prototype was indeed hers so she did have some justification on her side.

The design might be Xinghe's but Xinghe did steal her prototype. The dumb b*tch implicated herself.

Ruobing was angry on the surface but was actually overjoyed within because Xinghe gave her the perfect reason to crush her.

"That right, Ruobing did construct this." Xinghe admitted freely.

Ruobing was startled. So was everyone else, they didn't expect her to admit her mistake so easily.

Just as Mubai was about to jump in, Xinghe raised her finger and pointed at Ruobing. "And that should have been the extent of her claim, the physical labor, because the design behind is not hers but mine! She stole it from me!"