Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 236

Chapter 236 The Original Design
Chapter 236: The Original Design

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An angry Xia Zhi suppressed his urge to punch Ruobing's smug face.

He turned to Xinghe instead, "Sis, show them the proof, let them eat their words!"

"You have proof?" Mubai also questioned, his voice filled with concern.

Actually, Xinghe had the perfect proof in the form of a witness. With Ee Chen's testimony, she would have a valid case against Ruobing.

But she didn't want to implicate Ee Chen to shield him from possible law suits.

It was not that she favored Ee Chen but he had information that she still needed.

Furthermore, in Ee Chen's defense, he didn't technically betray Xinghe and he had received due punishment so Xinghe decided to hold up her end of the bargain and not drag him into the mess.

To be perfectly honest, Xinghe wanted to spare Ruobing due to their similar history but the other woman showed zero trace of remorse. Not only that, she actively came after Xinghe, so Xinghe realized there was no point in holding back.

Xinghe smiled, confident in her plan. "The type of proof you want, I do not have. Like I said, the only proof I have is my capability. My design which Ruobing stole is indeed the best but I have to warn you, the design she stole is a fake, thus the product she made is faulty."

Ruobing was shocked, panic struck her heart.

The design I stole is fake? Impossible! The final product has undergone many tests. It passed them all so it can't be faulty. The b*tch must be lying.

The others had no reason to believe Xinghe. Mrs. Xi scornfully scoffed, "In other words, you have no proof! Xia Xinghe, you need to go to the mental department not the surgery hall. Now get lost, we don't welcome you here."

"Xinghe, we've all seen Ruobing's design and it is definitely not faulty so, for everyone's sake, please stop with the accusation." Tianxin appealed with a heartbroken expression.

Xinghe definitely did not have public opinion on her side. After all, she provided zero reason for people to trust her.

Elder Xi's patience was wearing thin. He roared angrily, "If you have no proof, why are you here to waste our time! I'm asking you one last time, is the design yours or Ruobing's? Xia Xinghe, this is the last chance I'm giving you so I advise you to think carefully before you answer."

"Of course, it is mine!" Xinghe answered in an imposing manner. Her sharp gaze stared everyone down, "Only I could come up with such a design!"

Elder Xi was startled. He could hear the faith Xinghe had in her words. Either she was telling the truth or she was highly delusional. For some reason, he started to lean towards the former.

"It is mine!" Ruobing challenged with confidence burning in her eyes, "This is my design. Xia Xinghe has spent less than two days at the lab. She couldn't have come up with something as good as this without in-house research and testing!"

"Ruobing is right. I can attest to the time and effort Ruobing has poured into this design over the years. I'm sure everyone at the lab will say the same," Tianxin said to support her friend. She had quite a good standing within the Xi Family so she managed to pull most of the crowd over to Ruobing's side.

Alas, she was unable to shake Mubai's conviction.

He added as a counter-argument to Tianxin, "This design is Xinghe's. I'm willing to bet my reputation on it!"

"That's right. This is my sister's design, I'm willing to bet my life on it!"