Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Use Ruobings Product
Chapter 237: Use Ruobing's Product

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"I also believe the design is by Miss Xia" Luo Jun added weakly.

In total, three people believed Xinghe.

The situation entered a stalemate, neither party refused to back down.

Regardless, even with Mubai's support, Xinghe was on the weaker side because she couldn't produce factual proof that the design was hers.

"Now is not the time to argue about this because we need to carry on with the surgery," Lu Qi interrupted suddenly. He was tired of the drama. He just wanted to get the job done.

Lu Qi turned to Elder Xi and said, "Elder Xi, we have to start the surgery soon. Please decide now, whose product are we using."

Elder Xi hesitated, caught between logic and faith.

Even though he fully believed the design was Ruobing's, at that particular moment, he found the decision to be extremely hard.

After all, too many things hinged upon this one decision He didn't want to risk anything.

"Elder Xi, I know you have a good eye for character. Have faith in my words," Xinghe said softly.

Elder Xi stared at her wordlessly but the uncertainty on his face was conspicuous.

"Grandfather Xi, my design is perfect, and you've inspected the final product yourself. Xia Xinghe can say those words because the one she has is also one of mine, so there is technically no difference which one you pick because they're both mine," Ruobing explained in a hurry, worried that Elder Xi would be persuaded by Xinghe.

Xinghe chuckled; she leveled an icy stare at Ruobing before saying, "Who said our products are the same. Admittedly, the actual difference is small but it is the key that decides whether the product is faulty or not!"

"Xia Xinghe, just how do you sleep at night? You stole my design and now have the audacity to frame me. Karma will punish you!" Ruobing said with indignation. The room was sold by her acting. After all, would she act this way if she was not really the victim?

Even Xinghe was impressed by the woman's utter shamelessness.

"Nice acting there. But Yun Ruobing, real is real; fake is fake. I advise you to come out and admit your mistake before your actions hurt somebody," Xinghe persuaded. However, Ruobing had long since passed the point of honesty; there was no way she was willing to admit her mistake.

"The design is mine, that product you have over there is mine, I swear to God, they are all mine!" she yelled agitatedly at Xinghe, but it was difficult to tell whether she was convincing the crowd or herself.

Xinghe's face frosted over. "Fine, if you want to do it this way so be it. Don't say I didn't warn you beforehand, Yun Ruobing. And if the rest of you want to side with her then feel free to use her product, but I am not accountable for what happens next."

Suddenly, a nurse opened the surgery room door to say, "Old Madam Xi said to use Miss Yun's product; she believes her."

It turned out Old Madam Xi had heard everything from within.

She had the nurse come out to relay her intention.

After all, of all the people there, her most trusted confidant was Ruobing.

She raised Ruobing herself and Ruobing had done everything she could to repay her kindness. Old Madam Xi trusted her adopted granddaughter unconditionally.

Since his ex-wife had made the decision, Elder Xi followed, "Okay then, we will use Ruobing's!"

Ruobing's eyes widened with surprise and joy. However, she quickly turned to gloat at Xinghe. Of course, she couldn't miss the chance to rub her victory in Xinghe's face!

Many people in the crowd also tossed smug looks at Xinghe; they believed fully picking Ruobing was the right choice.