Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Your Plan What Plan
Chapter 239: Your Plan? What Plan?

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He believed fully that after this incident his family's view of Xinghe would have a dramatic change.

Xinghe would make their impressions of her turn upside-down. She would use her capability to show that the girl who could do nothing was just a phase in the past.

No one would look down on her again.

It would stem their prejudice and grievances towards her.

However, as stated previously, all of this wasn't Xinghe's aim. The only reason she did all of this was for their son's custody.

Mubai turned to meet the eyes of the people who were staring daggers at Xinghe and he felt sorry for them.

They thought they would at least elicit a response out of Xinghe with their condescending looks and barbed words, but in reality, Xinghe couldn't care less about them. Mubai shook his head at their conceit.

However, the saddest thing was the most conceited was probably his mother.

"Mubai, come here; I have something to discuss with you," his mother called him over, annoyed to see him sitting so close to Xinghe.

Tianxin who stood beside his mother also frowned at his close contact to Xinghe.

Mubai turned his gaze back to Xinghe. "I'm going back over there. I'm sorry for putting you through this inconvenience. I will try to help in any way I can," he apologized as he stood up.

Xinghe tossed him a confused look. "But I don't feel inconvenienced."

Mubai couldn't help but laugh. "Right, you're not. Regardless, I still feel the need to apologize."

He knew she didn't care about how they viewed her so their condescending insults and angry looks didn't faze her.

Regardless, his heart still panged witnessing her being mistreated like this

However, he also knew she wouldn't want him to step in on her behalf so the only thing he could do was to step away, to spare her the looks from his mother and ex-fianc.

Mubai looked intensely at her before taking his leave. "I'll talk to you later."

The moment he left, Xia Zhi returned to Xinghe's side. He nudged her and asked, "Sis, what were the two of you talking about? I couldn't understand a word of it."

Xinghe stared confusedly at him. "Not even a word?"

"Sis, stop giving me that look, you know I have the IQ of a normie, so it's only natural that I don't understand what the two of you discussed" Xia Zhi complained petulantly, complete with a childish pout.

Xinghe smiled at his antics. "We didn't discuss much, but he did see through my plan."

"Your plan? What plan? How come I had no idea there's a plan?" Xia Zhi squeezed out a tear or two, certain that his IQ was really that of a normie.

Xinghe turned to meet Ruobing's smug gaze and confident smile. Xinghe smirked and said softly, "In a sentence, the plan can be described by: the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"

Xia Zhi followed his sister's gaze to see Ruobing who was gloating at them. At that moment, he seemed to understand his sister's plan.

Xinghe's plan was actually very simple. It was to create more hype around Ruobing's product.

The greater their support for Ruobing, the faster they would turn on her when the cat got out of the bag. The higher the expectation, the bigger the disappointment, human emotions were too easily manipulated sometimes.

She could have pointed out the error in Ruobing's design, impressing them all with her talent, to show that the design was hers.

But this would've been too easy of an exit for Yun Ruobing. Since she showed no signs of remorse, Xinghe decided to not spare her any kindness.

They would most likely forgive Ruobing if Xinghe came out to correct her mistake at the very beginning since no one was hurt at this point. But after the faulty device malfunctioned, Ruobing would have the wrath of the entire Xi clan to deal with. She was not getting out of this one with just an apology.