Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Explosion
Chapter 241: Explosion!

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The room started to panic and the panic was reflected in Ruobing's heart.

"What's happening?"

"Old Madam Xi, hang in there! Please tell us what's wrong!"

"Doctor, quick, someone get the doctor!" Grandfather Xi roared.

Ruobing turned around stiffly and saw Old Madam Xi, who was just wheeled out of surgery, being rushed back in.

Doctors and nurses crowded around Old Madam Xi who was moaning painfully on the gurney while the rest of the family members hounded the doctors nervously with questions

The scene seemed to have frozen over in front of Ruobing's eyes while the cries for help repeated incessantly in her eyes. It was a nightmarish sensation.

She stared at the situation dumbly, her brain unable to process anything.

What the f*ck happened?

A bad feeling twisted at her heart

"No idea what happened? It's simple, you've failed!" Xinghe's clear voice rang up beside her.

Ruobing whipped her head around and glared at her. "Fail, me? Impossible, I can't fail, this is not right!"

Ruobing shook her head vehemently as if to clear her mind, then she dashed towards Old Madam Xi.

No, this can't be. I am not a failure!

After shoving a few people out of her way, she came face-to-face with Old Madam Xi who was grimacing in pain and her artificial arm that had blown up!

The arm that she designed had exploded!

"Yun Ruobing, what is happening here? Explain yourself!" Elder Xi glared angrily at her.

Under the scrutiny of his fiery gaze, Ruobing stammered out an answer, "I, I have no idea why"

"Isn't this your design? How can you have no idea what happened" somebody else in the crowd questioned.

"That's right! Your product is a death trap! It exploded minutes after installation, how will you take responsibility if something happens to Old Madam Xi?"

"If anything happens to Old Madam Xi, we will never forgive you!"

Ruobing's face was drained of color and her fingers were shaking uncontrollably.

She obviously wasn't expecting the retribution to come so swiftly and severely

"Everyone, stop fighting," Lu Qi interrupted them harshly, "The artificial arm has exploded and the explosion, although small, has harmed her nervous system. We need to conduct a surgery now to remove the arm. We need a signature of consent from her family member this instant!"

"I'll give you the signature later, please save her!" Elder Xi declared with his eyes darting between his ex-wife's arm wound and pasty face.

Lu Qi nodded and had his team of surgeons prepare for surgery.

The moment the door to the surgery hall closed, Elder Xi turned on Ruobing fiercely, "What happened with your product? Didn't you have it tested already"

When they were happily pushing Old Madam Xi to the sick bay, the artificial arm suddenly exploded, sending them into a complete chaos.

Old Madam Xi started groaning in pain like she was dying

Elder Xi was ready to tear Yun Ruobing apart after witnessing his ex-wife's sufferings!

A cluster of angry eyes glared at Ruobing, waiting for her to give them an acceptable explanation.

Ruobing went cold from head to toe. With a shaking voice, she explained, "Grandfather Xi, I really have no clue what happened, I swear it has nothing to do with me It was working just fine during internal testing, I have no idea what went wrong."

"The thing is your design; how can you not know what went wrong" Mr. Xi grilled.

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