Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Two Hungry Wolfhounds
Chapter 251: Two Hungry Wolfhounds

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The two men left after they'd finished threatening her.

Right then, Xinghe's cell phone rang.

During the trip there, the kidnappers didn't do anything to her. They didn't even confiscate her phone.

Either they are incredibly stupid or these people are up to something.

The two men didn't act like kidnappers, they were too amateurish.

Xinghe scoffed and answered her phone.

It was from Mubai.

It had been 30 minutes since their last call and he was getting worried because Xinghe hadn't arrived.

"Are you close?" Mubai asked in a low voice, "Too much traffic?"

"I was kidnapped," Xinghe said directly.

"What" Mubai tried his best not to scream in the restaurant, "Where are you now?"

Lin Lin across from him saw his reaction and started to get antsy in his seat. His pair of black eyes was fixated on Mubai.

"I'm in some sort of an abandoned steel warehouse outside of town, about a 15 minute drive away from First Hospital," Xinghe explained calmly, "Start from the hospital and drive west for 10 minutes then you'll hear the chiming of a bell tower nearby. 5 more minutes of driving after that and you'll be around where I am. I'm now trapped inside some kind of workshop. The kidnappers are gone for now, I'm assuming they're preparing some kind of plan to kill me."

"F*ck!" Mubai cursed as he sprung up from his seat.

His anger was palpable and his eyes shone with the intent to kill.

Fury could barely begin to describe his emotion at that moment. Someone was targeting Xinghe's life!

Other than that, he was also a bit angry at Xinghe. How can she be so calm at a time like this? Isn't she a tiny bit worried about her personal safety?

Mubai ran out of the restaurant, the fact that his son was still there completely eclipsed his mind.

"Who kidnapped you and what's their angle Tell them as long as they don't hurt you, we can promise them anything!"

Xinghe inspected the empty workshop more closely and replied, "Their angle is to come for my life. They said they're Chui Ming's men"

Bang! Before Xinghe could finish the sentence, the door was shoved open and two shadows leaped into the room.

One of them barked and charged viciously at her.

Xinghe jumped out of its way in a panic and her phone fell out of her hand.

She truly evaded death by the breadth of a hair. One second slower and she would have been tackled to the ground.

After the evasion, she didn't stop to take a breath, she started running.

The two giant wolfhounds chased after her crazily

The workshop's door was once again closed and the men outside the door started laughing. "A little heads up, the two of them hadn't been fed for a week so I'm sure they can't wait to sink their teeth into you! How fortunate, since you'll get to see yourself being eaten alive!"

Xinghe snapped into focus and jumped up the wall, grabbing the window grille that was about 2 meters off the ground.

However, right at that moment, one of wolfhounds clamped its jaw over the bottom of Xinghe's pants!

"Get off" Xinghe cursed as she kicked on its head. The moment the wolfhound loosened its bite, Xinghe clambered up the steel grille. Her body was hanging off the wall supported solely by the strength of her arms.

The two starving wolfhounds jumped at her continuously, trying to get a bite of her feet.

Xinghe's two feet were on the window grille but the window was glued shut and the spaces between the grille bars were extremely small, giving her barely enough space to put her feet and balance herself.