Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 253

Chapter 253 To Destroy The Whole World
Chapter 253: To Destroy the Whole World

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It was the same for Xinghe. She didn't dare let her guard down. There was no room for negotiation when her life was on the line.

With another war cry, Xinghe bit down hard on the wolfhound's ear. Her mouth was immediately filled with the taste of blood.

The wolfhound howled in pain and Xinghe felt its grip loosen. It leaped nimbly back and stared viciously at her.

Xinghe immediately took the opportunity to stand up, hoping to impress her opponent with a bigger stature. However, she grimaced from pain that shot through her body and she slid back down to the floor.

The wolfhound saw this temporary moment of weakness and lunged at Xinghe, aiming for her neck.

At that moment, a gunshot sounded outside the door and the next second, sunlight filtered into the room through the open door!

This series of sudden events startled not only Xinghe but also briefly paused on the wolfhound's movement.

Xinghe saw a shadow rush into the room like a whirlwind and before she realized what was happening, his large figure was already standing in front of her, shielding her from harm.

Almost at a same time, a small troop in army fatigues, fully armed, pouring into the empty warehouse.

Their coordination was so efficient and fast that in almost the blink of an eye, a safety perimeter was set up around Xinghe.

The man standing in front of Xinghe finally turned to reveal his familiar features.

Looking at the poignant scene, there was unspeakable tenderness in his eyes that couldn't be suppressed. However, the next second, his eyes turned into a wrathful, bottomless black hole, ready to swallow up the world.

Before Xinghe could register the range of emotions in his eyes, Mubai took deliberate steps towards the wolfhound.

Even though the wolfhound was hungry enough to reach a feral stage, its animal instincts intuitively felt the danger of a bigger predator. It yelped with fear before turning to run.

Mubai darted forward to grab at its two hind legs.

The wolfhound barked violently and turned to bite at his hands but before its sharp teeth could reach Mubai's flesh, it felt its entire body lifted off the ground. Mubai was slamming it against the wall.

From her position, Xinghe could hear the sound of bones cracking.

The beaten wolfhound struggled to stand up but was suddenly lifted up over its assailant's head. Under Xinghe's nervous gaze, Mubai pile-drove the dog headfirst against the ground!

The wolfhound howled in agony. Xinghe saw it spasm violently and heard it wheeze out a series of weak growls before going deathly still.

This was the first time Xinghe had seen this ruthless side of Mubai.

He only needed two actual hits to kill the large feral wolfhound. The animal didn't even have the chance to fight back.

At that moment, Xinghe realized maybe she didn't know Mubai as well as she thought she did.

He wasn't as mellow as he appeared. Deep down, he could be quite a heartless person.

Instead of fear, Xinghe, for some reason, had a new-found appreciation for this man. One shouldn't be too solicitous lest one be taken advantage of.

Xinghe held eye contact with the man who was walking towards her as she struggled to stand. "Take the bodies with us."

She only managed to say one sentence before darkness fell. The last thing she felt was her body being supported by a pair of powerful arms and Mubai's voice yelling her name.

Mubai dashed over when he saw Xinghe's eyes fluttering, his whole body was shaking as he held Xinghe's body in his arms.

He finally sighed in relief when she was given a rudimentary check and it was announced that she wasn't in a critical condition.