Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Mubai Wanted To Kill Them
Chapter 259: Mubai Wanted to Kill Them

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"I will leave on my own when I'm done giving the presents, so don't worry," Xinghe continued leisurely, "I've not finished introducing my first present so please calm down."

"Xia Xinghe, that's enough!" Tianxin screamed, "You keep saying you're returning these two dogs to me but where is your proof that I sent them to you in the first place? Why would I send you two dogs for no reason?"

Xinghe smiled at how unreasonable Tianxin was. Well, two can play at this game.

"Indeed, you sent them to me for no reason and now I'm sending them back to you for no reason. By the way, don't you want to see how much care I've put into the second dog? Just take a look at it, notice the cracked bones that protruded out of its joints? Did you know the sound of bone cracking is very similar to how a dry branch snaps?"

"Xia Xinghe, enough is enough! You are nuts and demented!" Tianxin yelled while glaring at her.

She would never admit Xinghe's description was actually scaring her.

She thought she was already vicious enough but Xia Xinghe was on a whole new level.

The two feral wolfhounds not only didn't kill her but were in turn tortured to death.

Just how did she find the courage to do it

Tianxin was aware that she wouldn't be able to go to such lengths if she was in Xinghe's shoes.

Therefore, Xia Xinghe was a scary opponent.

Xinghe smelled the fear on Tianxin and smiled. That was what she wanted.

She scoffed. "Why, afraid?"

"Who said I'm afraid? You think I'll ever be afraid of you? Impossible!" Tianxin retorted.

"Of course, you're not afraid of me. If you were, you wouldn't have trapped me with two feral dogs and have them eat me. A woman who could do until that level probably won't be afraid of anyone," Xinghe stunned the room with every word.

Mr. and Mrs. Chu opened their eyes wide.

What is Xia Xinghe talking about? Tianxin unleashed two feral dogs on Xinghe, making her their dog food?

A murderous aura was radiating off Mubai.

He'd thought the two dogs were just there to bite her not eat her!

His gaze, that was on Tianxin, dropped several degrees in temperature.

"Say the word and I'll have all of them silenced!" Mubai squeezed through gritted teeth with vehemence and force.

This shocked the Chu family even more.

Mubai was going to kill them

"Loons, all of you are a bunch of loons! How dare you threaten our safety, I will sue until you have nothing left!" Mr. Chu roared as he pulled out his phone to call the police.

However, his finger was shaking too violently to key in the correct number.

Mrs. Chu pulled Tianxin back into their house and watched them with alert eyes.

"Mubai, you can't be tricked by this b*tch! My Tianxin would never do such a thing; you know she has to be wrongly accusing my sweet Tianxin!" Mrs. Chu tried to persuade Mubai.

She didn't believe her innocent daughter would do something as insane as Xinghe accused.

"Mubai, I really didn't do the thing she said, you have to believe me. If she has proof behind her accusation then I'd have nothing to say but she doesn't so you can't fall for her lies!" Tianxin explained with tears in her eyes.

Mr. Chu suddenly yelled, "I've called the cops and they're on the way. I'm giving you all a final chance to leave while you still can!"

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