Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 261

Chapter 261 The Third Present
Chapter 261: The Third Present

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She dashed towards Xinghe, the knife glistening in her hand.

Mrs. Chu's sudden move shocked everyone. Even the bodyguards were caught by surprise and forgot to protect Xinghe

However, as the knife came towards her, Xinghe didn't move or even blink as if she was expecting this.

As the knife neared Xinghe's head, Mr. Chu and Tianxin grew increasingly excited.

If Mrs. Chu killed Xinghe, Mr. Chu could push all the blame on her and argue for a more lenient punishment for his misdemeanor while Tianxin would have access to Mubai without Xinghe standing in her way.

Suddenly, a strong arm came out to grab at Mrs. Chu's wrist and the knife stopped in mid-air.

Mrs. Chu's arm was locked into a hold by Mubai and, try as she might, she couldn't move an inch.

The bodyguards finally snapped back into focus and immediately tackled Mrs. Chu to the floor and detained her!

"Let me go, I have to kill Xia Xinghe, let me go" Mrs. Chu struggled like a crazy woman. Now one could see where Tianxin got her murderous instinct.

Xinghe looked at her and loudly spoke over Mrs. Chu, "Mrs. Chu, the picture is real, or else would I hand it over to the police? Fabrication of evidence is a crime."

Mrs. Chu was silent and turned to look at her husband. His face was pale and his fingers were shaking.

They had been husband and wife for years, she knew his tells. Xinghe was right, the picture was real.

Mrs. Chu started to struggle again. "Chu Liangpin, you really cheated on me? You heartless bastard! I'm going to kill you!"

Xinghe ignored her and stared into Tianxin's eyes as she said, "The third present."

Tianxin widened her eyes in confusion.

"Your mother's jail time is my third present to you. I'm afraid your father will be too alone in there by himself so I found him a companion. Plus, it looks like they'll have plenty to discuss behind bars," Xinghe explained softly.

Tianxin and her father were stunned.

This was the b*tch's plan all along. She purposely slipped in the bed picture to provoke my mother!

Xinghe originally wanted to stick an assault charge on Mrs. Chu but since the Chu family gave her more ammo to stick it to them, she was more than willing to accept. A murder charge did have a better ring, she had to admit.

"Xia Xinghe, what are you up to Why are you targeting our Chu family even though we have done no wrong by you?" Mr. Chu questioned anxiously.

Xinghe smiled looking at his flustered reaction.

Xinghe replied with a scoff, "You have done no wrong by me? I, Xia Xinghe, only abide by the philosophy that tit for tat is fair play, I will not attack unless I'm attacked!"

Xinghe might have been replying to Mr. Chu but her words were directed straight at his daughter.

Tianxin's heart shook slightly

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