Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Hundreds Of Humiliating Slaps
Chapter 263: Hundreds of Humiliating Slaps

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He actually believed her just like that, and even helped Xinghe deal with the Chu family, completely disregarding their families' previous ties.

Envy rose up within Tianxin as her crocodile tears dried. "You believe everything she says"

"That's right!" Mubai answered without hesitation.

His answer was so final that Tianxin felt that even if Xinghe told him to kill himself, he would.

Tianxin could feel her world imploding. Earlier when her parents were apprehended, she didn't even feel despair as heavy as this.

But now the heavy weight of despair was suffocating her.

She missed out on the chance to kill Xinghe and now she'd seen for herself how much Mubai was in love with Xia Xinghe What chance did she have left?

She could never marry him and make him hers!

The despair of losing Mubai caused Tianxin to shake uncontrollably. The shaking was unnatural and disturbing, like something within was breaking out of her body

She glared at the both of them fiendishly and started chuckling. "Xi Mubai, how can you be so heartless I've loved you with all my heart and all my soul, you should love me back as well, it is only fair! Why don't you love me?"

Mubai stared at her coldly, not responding.

Like another personality emerging, Tianxin started to cry. She clutched her heart as if in pain and groaned, "Do you know how much pain I'm currently in? Why do you do this to me? Why"

"Because you came after the woman I love," Mubai's answer was like a sound slap to her face.

Tianxin froze as if her brain couldn't process what he just said.

"You're willing to ruin my entire family because of her?" Tianxin asked in disbelief while pointing at Xinghe.

"Let's get it straight; I'm the one who is out for my revenge," Xinghe reminded her emotionlessly.

However, this news was even more harrowing for Tianxin.

She wouldn't mind as much if this whole operation was Mubai's prerogative but he was targeting her family on Xinghe's behalf The cruel reality tore at her heart.

Tianxin flipped back to her earlier chuckles. With the chill of the night in the air, her chuckles were incredibly eerie. "You want to take revenge against me but that will never come into fruition, not tonight, not ever! As long as I don't admit it, you guys will never have any proof, without the proof, you will never be able to do me in! Never, I tell you, never ever! Ha ha ha ha ha"

Tianxin smug chuckles eventually turned into unhinged laughter.

Her long hair fluttered in the wind, covering half of her face. Her laughs seemed to come from some place beyond her frail body.

Even the bodyguards felt a chill down their spines looking at her.

Xinghe was not affected. There was no change in her expression, in fact, she was getting a bit bored.

"Have you gone mad?" She stared icily at Tianxin. "I'm quite impressed with the whole act, I'm sure you'll get lots of sympathy when you go begging."

That silenced Tianxin and she glared at Xinghe with eyes filled to the brim with venom and resentment.

Xinghe added with a scoff, "I still remember the grin on your face during Lin Lin's party a few months ago. The night where the world smiled upon you, I bet you didn't expect things to change so soon."

Xinghe's words were like hundreds of slaps on Tianxin's face, each one increasing her desire to tear Xinghe into bloody pieces!

Her face burned with anger and shame. Xia Xinghe, who she once trampled on and laughed at, not only rose to the top in such a short amount time but also secured Mubai's love.

In contrast, she, who was originally Mubai's fianc, not only lost the engagement but was also in the middle of losing everything she had!