Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Im Staying
Chapter 264: I'm Staying

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With her parents gone, the Chu family would crumble soon after. She would fall from her position as the respectable young lady of the Chu family to a street-walker that no one would get close to.

Without her family background, she was nothing.

She not only missed her opportunity to marry Mubai and realized her lifelong dream, her ending would be unimaginably horrific

Tianxin had lived in the lap of luxury ever since she was young; there was no way she would allow herself to end up in such a deplorable state.

The thought of Xinghe assuming her original place at the top and herself tumbling down to the trenches of lower society made her heart boil with dissatisfaction.

She couldn't, no, wouldn't accept this arrangement!

She would rather die than be poor!

She couldn't stand watching the only thing she vied for in life, a luxurious, married life with Mubai, getting taken away from her!

If she couldn't have it, no one could! Especially not Xia Xinghe!

Tianxin's eyes shined with a manic glow as she climbed up and dashed into her house.

"Evacuate immediately!" Mubai ordered immediately as he pushed Xinghe's wheelchair back.

Xinghe held down hard on her wheelchair to stop it from moving. "Not yet."

"We must leave now, this is too dangerous!" Mubai said in a tone that brooked no argument.

Xinghe stared intensely at the door that led into the Chu's living room and said with a thin smile, "There is no risk without danger and with great risk come great reward. I have to make sure she is completely crushed tonight, for that I'm willing to take this risk."

"Even so, you don't need to be here personally to take the risk!" Mubai argued furiously.

Xinghe turned to look at him with a pair of clear set eyes. "But the person she wants to kill is me."

She was right. Tianxin's target was Xinghe. If she left, Tianxin would have no reason to strike.

If that was the case, how was Xinghe going to trap her?

"I can kill her for you," Mubai squatted down and looked into Xinghe's eyes. "You don't have to take this risk."

Xinghe met his dark eyes and her own gaze unwittingly wavered. "I like to strategize not to kill."

Xinghe didn't like to bloody her hands when dealing with her enemies unless absolutely necessary. It was not worth it.

You would be implicated by murder and spend the rest of your life paying the debt for that one moment of satisfaction. It was not a worthwhile trade.

Therefore, Xinghe preferred to maneuver her enemies into tripping over her or their own traps.

Even if Mubai offered to do the deed for her, she refused because it was not worth it. Why should he spend his life paying for her trouble? She didn't want to owe him anything. She wanted Chu Tianxin to pay for her own sin by her own volition, but on Xinghe's terms.

Therefore, this risk she had to take it.

Mubai saw through her thoughts and nodded solemnly. "If that's the case, I'm staying here with you."

He had her hands in his grasp and they tightened.

Xinghe felt the squeeze and her eyes involuntarily looked up into his eyes. Compelled by the magic of the moment, Mubai leaned in

Tianxin rushed out at that moment and started yelling bloody murder when she saw what was happening.

"I'm going to kill both of you!"

She raised a pistol and shot at them.

The sound of gunshots shattered the silence of the night. Xinghe widened her eyes in shock and tried to push Mubai back. However, she was quickly pushed back as Mubai ran into her, pulled her into a hug and rolled out of harm's way.

The bodyguards quickly pulled out their own firearms and shot at Tianxin in return.

One of the bullets hit Tianxin's pistol, blasting it out of her hands.

"Take her down" A large bodyguard yelled as the others jumped on Tianxin.

Tianxin struggled to crawl towards the pistol that had flown out of her hands.

Her eyes were burning with envy and madness. The insanity was twisting her mouth into an ugly, slanted slit.