Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Who Are You
Chapter 276: Who Are You?

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Mubai had no idea how he'd survived the past half month.

But from other peoples' perspective, he was still the same. He went about his work and life like usual.

The only difference was that he'd become even more taciturn than usual. He was already a reticent person before this and recent events only made him retreat further into himself and away from human relationship.

He seemed to pour all his energy into his work. There was only 24 hours a day and he worked for 15 hours, which was why he was still checking his work correspondence even though it was already late at night.

When he was scrolling through his mailbox in an almost mechanical manner, his computer sounded an alarm, alerting him that external hacking had been detected.

Mubai snapped into focus. Who hacked into my computer?

His computer was fitted with the best defense system, he was sure no one in the world was able to hack it.

Mubai's surprise didn't stop him from immediately launching his counter-measures.

His opponent seemed to be able to predict his moves. Every single one of his counter attacks were taken down and his opponent kept up the onslaught.

Mubai frowned. The number of people who could rival him in hacking ability could be listed on his fingers. One of them was his ex-wife, 001, who once perfectly deflected his hacking attacks.

This current opponent of his seemed to be at the same level as Xinghe.

Mubai's brows creased with concern and curiosity. Who is this person and what does he want? He has been found out, so logically speaking, he should have made a tactical retreat; so, why didn't he? Why is this person so adamant in hacking into this computer?

Regardless of his opponent's intention, Mubai refused to let him win. After all, his computer had many important business documents; he had to keep them safe!

However, due to the ferocity and capability of his opponent, his defenses were slowly breached

On the other hand, things were not looking good for Xinghe either.

Her body and spirit were still frail from the recent recovery. Plus, she hadn't gotten used to Xia Meng's physical body. However, she gritted her teeth and powered on.

Finally, half an hour later, she cleared all of Mubai's defenses. She left him a message.

[I come in peace.]

[Who are you?] Mubai responded immediately and he followed it up with a threat, [If you don't explain yourself quickly, I will request a police investigation.]

[My surname is Xia.] Xinghe replied succinctly.

Mubai was startled. His first reaction was, This must be Xia Xinghe! But isn't she still unconscious?

[Who exactly are you?] an agitated Mubai asked, he was all the more curious about his opponent's identity.

Xinghe didn't answer directly, instead she asked, [Do you believe this world has things that even humans can't explain?]

Mubai stared at this line and his eyes dimmed.

[What is your point?]

[My point is, I've experienced something like this. I can't explain it to you in a logical manner, but this is the truth. I know this sounds unbelievable but after I woke up, I found my consciousness in someone else's body.]

Mubai's eyes widened when he read this

He stared intently at the screen and his heart was beating fast.

[Who are you and what angle are you going for? Be straight to the point. And what do you mean by your consciousness is in someone else's body?] Mubai fired off the series of question. He could feel his heart in his throat.

Xinghe read his questions but, for some reason, was afraid to reveal that she was actually Xia Xinghe.

Will Mubai believe such a preposterous tale?