Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 284

Chapter 284 I Also Want To See Mommy
Chapter 284: I Also Want to See Mommy

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"Don't touch me."

His response was a firm rebuff from Xinghe.

Mubai wasn't angered, instead, he felt inexplicably joyful.

He had touched her before well, they did have a son together, and she never once put up such a forceful resistance.

This meant that she didn't like him touching this borrowed body of hers

Could it be that she is jealous?

Mubai pulled back his hands and said with a wicked smile, "Alright, I will not touch anyone for now."

He was telling Xinghe he would not get close to either her or Xia Meng.

After all, getting close to either would be equally weird for him. Xia Meng, was at the end of the day, someone else's wife and that complicated a lot of things.

However, Xinghe had a more straightforward way of looking at things. She didn't mind getting into whoever's body as long as her consciousness was still Xia Xinghe.

Of course, her original body would be best.

The car finally reached the Xi family's old mansion.

Mubai explained, "I have someone watching over her, and I still haven't exposed her."

"She must have an idea of what's going on," Xinghe added.

Mubai nodded in agreement, if she didn't know what was going on she wouldn't have known to immediately assume Xinghe's character as soon as she recovered.

Therefore, it was logical to assume she knew this would happen.

The car stopped in front of a small villa. Mubai got out from the car to open the door for Xinghe.

Mubai observed the effort Xinghe exerted to pull herself out of the car with her incapacitated leg and he asked with concern, "Do you need a wheelchair?"

"No," Xinghe rejected him politely. If she couldn't overcome a small adversity like this then she really would be a cripple.

"She is just inside, let's go in," Mubai said as he gave her a hand.

"Daddy" A child's voice called out suddenly. It was Lin Lin. He probably ran over from the main house when he saw Mubai's car crossed the gate.

Hearing his sudden childish voice sent a tremor throughout Xinghe's body.

She turned and saw Lin Lin in a white t-shirt and sports shorts running their way.

The little fella ran into Mubai and turned his cute face up at him and asked beseechingly, "I also want to see Mommy."

This morning, when Lin Lin heard the news that Xinghe had woken up, he was incredibly happy.

He had tried multiple times to get into her room but was stopped by the maid every time.

This was because Mubai had secretly given her the order that no one was to see Xinghe in person.

Therefore, Lin Lin had been waiting for Mubai to return, that way he could see his mother with him.

Mubai rejected the little fella's request firmly, "You can't see her yet, go home for now."

"Why not?" Lin Lin frowned unsatisfactorily. "They said she has woken up, so why can't I see her?"

"Because the doctor said she is still not feeling so well, temporarily no one is allowed to see her. When she's feeling better, you can be with her as long as you like."

Lin Lin narrowed his small eyes at Mubai. "Then, why can you see her?"

"Because I've already taken the vaccine shot," Mubai lied with a straight-face, "She has contracted an infectious disease."

Perhaps he was imagining it but when he said that, he felt Xinghe glared at him unsatisfactorily.

Lin Lin's face was full of worry. "What kind of disease, is it serious?"

"A little bit, but it is curable. Go accompany great grandfather for now, don't come here anymore without my permission."


"No buts. If you are still so stubborn, I will forbid you from seeing your mommy even after she recovers." This was the first time Mubai assumed such a harsh tone against Lin Lin, at least in Xinghe's presence.