Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 285

Chapter 285 A Party Of Three
Chapter 285: A Party of Three

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Unsurprisingly, Lin Lin was cowed by Mubai's threat.

The little fella pouted and grumbled, "Okay then. I will not disturb her now, but remember to tell her that I will go visit when she's feeling better."

"You have my word."

"Also, give her this." Lin Lin took out a piece of chocolate and passed it to Mubai. "This is my favorite snack. It's very good. Eating one always makes me feel better so I'm sure it'll do the same for her."

"Okay," Mubai accepted the chocolate with a kind smile and turned to look at Xinghe. He saw a flash of gentleness cross her eyes.

"Then goodbye." The little fella turned to leave.

Xinghe watched as her child walk away and melancholy gnawed at her heart. She didn't even say a word during the brief meeting. She didn't want to spook the child.

"This is for you." Mubai passed her the chocolate and explained slowly, "I don't think it's wise to pull him into this, it'll only confuse him."

"You're right." Xinghe accepted the chocolate and turned towards the villa.

There was determination in her eyes. This brief encounter with her son made her more adamant to return to her own body!

After Xia Meng woke up in Xinghe's body, her emotions were complicated.

There was excitement, anxiety, and guilt

In other words, it was an emotional roller-coaster, big highs and lows.

She didn't expect the experiment to really be successful. But now that it was, she was feeling lost

She had no idea whether what she did was correct or not but she had no choice.

But the thing that gave her the most anxiety was the fact that Xi Mubai seemed to have started suspecting her.

How else could she explain the fact that he was her only visitor even though she had regained consciousness for quite some time?

Xia Meng needed to find out more information. She asked the nurse that took care of her, "I'm sorry but where is Xi Mubai?"

"Mr. Xi seems to have left the mansion grounds; I have no idea where he went."

"Thank you" Xia Meng nodded and she couldn't help but ask, "Where is this place and can I go out for a walk?"

"I'm sorry, Miss Xia but not yet, your body is still recovering and Mr. Xi specifically ordered that you're to stay in this room until you're feeling better."

"But I just want to have some fresh air"

"Without Mr. Xi's permission, you're not allowed to leave this room."

"Why?" Xia Meng felt her heart chill.

"Because you don't have the right to," a crisp yet suspiciously familiar voice suddenly said.

Xia Meng turned to the voice and her eyes widened when she saw the person who walked in.

It was a weird feeling watching her own body not from a mirror but from another person's perspective.

It felt incredibly surreal, like she was in a dream.

Xia Meng blanched when she saw Xinghe walk into the room.

Xinghe's sharp gaze fell on her immediately.

Under her fierce scrutiny, Xia Meng's internal anxiety and anxiousness were amplified.

"Please excuse us!" Mubai told the nurse. The nurse nodded and left silently, closing the door behind her.

Finally, in the room, there were only the three of them.

Xia Meng finally understood everything. Xi Mubai had found out the truth and Xia Xinghe was there to make things straight.