Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Memory Lineage Technology
Chapter 288: Memory Lineage Technology

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Xinghe was as cold as a block of ice.

Xia Meng couldn't hide her disappointment from her failure to elicit any pity from Xinghe. Xia Meng didn't understand that no one was obligated to feel sorry for the weak.

Xia Meng curled up her legs and hugged her knees. "I will not tell you the reason and definitely not the way to switch back, unless you"

"You are in no position to discuss conditions with me," Xinghe interrupted her.

"Xia Meng, I advise you to not threaten or take advantage of me or I will make sure you regret ever being born. Act smart."

Xia Meng was surprised by Xinghe's hostile and forceful behavior.

"I repeat myself, what kind of method did you use to swap our bodies?" Xinghe asked in a cold voice.

Xia Meng knew she was in no place for negotiation anymore. But if she revealed this, what leverage would she have left? But, what other choice did she have?

Xia Meng didn't expect this to be Xinghe's response. Technically speaking, Xia Meng had the initiative because Xinghe needed the information from her. She should have the upper hand but obviously things didn't turn out as she'd planned.

She realized she knew nothing about Xia Xinghe. No wonder Xinghe could turn her life around

The strength of her will refused to let others trample on her, not even life itself.

This probably was the thing she was lacking, a will that would not settle for anything less than success. She was as weak as before even after she switched the bodies, this awareness wetted Xia Meng's eyes.

She opened her mouth and asked as a test, "I can tell you everything but will you help me in return?"

Xinghe looked at her wordlessly.

Xia Meng thought back to what she said earlier, Do not take advantage of me So Xinghe most likely wouldn't help her.

Xia Meng was thrown into despair and her self-condemnation resurfaced, alongside the suicidal thoughts.

Might as well kill myself since no matter how hard I struggle, nothing is going to change. Even after switching into someone else's body, it's still the same. My weakness is something I was born with, nothing is going to change it. So rather than live on as a defect, I should just bid myself goodbye

Xia Meng who was trapped in despair decided to give up everything. Then, there was no reason for her to hold on to this secret anymore.

"Get him out of the room because I want to talk to you alone," she told Xinghe suddenly. The things she was going to say were too astronomical, perhaps Xinghe, who had personally experienced it, would believe her.

Furthermore, Xia Meng had a feeling that Xinghe had secrets of her own

To her surprise, Xinghe replied instantly, "He can hear this."

This surprised both Xia Meng and Mubai. He didn't expect Xinghe to show such deep trust in him.

Xia Meng's brows creased. "Are you sure? This might sound like crazy talk to him."

"I'm sure; he can stay," Xinghe confirmed.

Mubai's eyes shook slightly, no one knew how much he valued Xinghe's trust and how great the impact it brought to his heart knowing Xinghe trusted him.

He thought he would need to spend his whole life trying to plead for her forgiveness so he was truly surprised he achieved her trust so soon.

Of course, he would never know that it was because of his unconditional trust in Xinghe that she decided to reciprocate the same amount of trust in him.

Xia Meng saw her insistence so she conceded, "Fine, if that's the case, let's start the story."

She stared at them and asked directly, "Have you guys heard about memory lineage technology?"