Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 289

Chapter 289 Youre Still You Im Still Me
Chapter 289: You're Still You, I'm Still Me

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This question stumped both Xinghe and Mubai.

Mubai closed his eyes to think. "Memory lineage you say?"

Xia Meng nodded. "That's right."

Mubai retorted immediately, "Even though there are scientists working on this brain technology, no one has achieved success yet."

This was because this was a complicated subject to research. The difficulty was akin to prehistoric man researching genetic engineering.

Although that might not be exactly true, after all, it would be easier for modern man to achieve breakthroughs than prehistoric man.

Xia Meng nodded again. "Yes, theoretically speaking, no one should have achieved success in researching this technique yet but someone definitely did. Isn't this situation the best proof?"

Xinghe frowned while concentrating. "In other words, you used this memory lineage technology on me? My memory is passed on to your brain and yours mine?"

Xia Meng was surprised she caught on so fast.

She nodded slightly. "That's essentially it. We've only exchanged our memories, so in truth, you're still you and I'm still me. Or stated otherwise, you would think you've become me but that's not entirely true. It's because my brain has too much of your own memory that it overshadows my original memory, it gives the illusion that you've become me, but we didn't actually become each other. Hopefully, that's not too confusing."

Xinghe nodded. "I believe I get it. After all, there are ways to make a person believe he has transformed into another without the use of future technology. As long as his memory was somehow exchanged with someone else's, he could be led into believing he was someone else. It's kind of like hypnosis, just more scientific in nature."

"Yes, it has everything to do with a human's memory and consciousness, but the memory lineage technology is more seamless than that because the memories stored in the brain are real and have actually been experienced. So, with the memory's compulsion, even the person's conscious and subconscious thinking process can be mirrored into someone else's."

"So, who is it that perfected this technology?" Xinghe asked directly.

This was the million dollar question. Even Mubai was curious about the identity of the creator who perfected this wondrous technology.

Xia Meng looked at them and gave them an answer that honestly shocked them both, "My father."

Xia Meng's father?

While Mubai was still in a state of bewilderment, Xinghe seemed to have understood something. "But based on your personal information, your father disappeared many years ago!"

"He did and the research was the thing he left me. He utilized this technology to create something called a memory cell. After you have this memory cell implanted in someone, after a period of time, the cell would copy that person's memory completely. After that, you put the copied memory cell into someone else's body and that person would have the copied memories"

When Xia Meng reached this part of the story, Xinghe and Mubai understood everything!

"So, Lu Qi is your accomplice"

This was a rhetorical question by Mubai and the atmosphere in the room dropped for several degrees.

Other than Lu Qi, who would have the opportunity to implant the memory cell in Xinghe and later extricate it?

Xinghe saw the clarity as well. "When did he perform the implantation? Was it after the car accident, the first time he gave me a check-up?"

"This means, there was no tumor in Xinghe's brain all along?" Mubai questioned.

Xia Meng was once again impressed by these two's intelligence.