Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Steamrolled By Their Iq
Chapter 290: Steamrolled By Their IQ

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She only explained a little bit and they figured out everything. No wonder her ruse was discovered so soon because these two were willing to question all anomalies and face them head on.

"Yes, it was Doctor Lu who aided me. Xinghe didn't develop a brain tumor because that was the memory cell."

After Xia Meng explained herself, she felt a great load being taken off her shoulders.

But, what followed next was sadness. Even with the help of high-end technology, her destiny remained unchanged

She was, and forever would be, a failure.

"Since you have something so impressive, why did you keep it to yourself for so long? I believe that with something as important as this you could have asked for anything, or are there limitations or flaws to the memory cell?" Xinghe asked suddenly.

Xia Meng lifted her head to look at Xinghe and there was disbelief in her eyes, she managed to find this detail out as well. No wonder she said, she would never be her

"Why would Lu Qi help you? Is it because you promised to share the research of the memory cell with him?" Mubai stared at her and asked.

Before Xia Meng could answer, Xinghe piled on, "Following your logic, to swap the memories back, do we need to rely on the memory cells again? Or we can demolish the external memory cell in the brain to release the brain's original memories?"

Xia Meng was speechless facing their precise and logical extrapolations.

She only revealed a little bit on why their memories were swapped and now they had figured out the whole deal! Even the solution!

It was indeed foolish to fight against people of their caliber, Xia Meng sighed involuntarily in relief that she decided to cooperate with them

Because even if she didn't, they would figure it out eventually and it definitely would not end up well for her.

"Yes, there is a limitation to the memory cell, I have enough only to use it once. The remaining memory cell fragments were handed over to Doctor Lu for his research" Before Xia Meng finished her words, Xinghe and Mubai's gaze sharpened.

She quickly tried to backtrack and explain, "But there is still a solution to switch the memory back! Just like what Xinghe said, you can demolish the foreign memory cell in the brain and let the original memory recover but"

Xia Meng's voice became increasingly soft like she was guilty of something.

Xinghe scoffed. "But there will be side effects?"

At this point, Xinghe might as well reveal she is a mind-reader and Xia Meng wouldn't be surprised. "Yes, there might side effects, you'll forget everything that happens after the memory switch and it might harm your original memory as well."

"Other than this, reusing the memory cell is the only method?"

"Yes but I'm sure Doctor Lu will soon finish the research and come up with more"

In other words, even though she had learnt everything, it would not be easy for Xinghe to trade her memory back.

This was the first time Xinghe felt the fiery touch of helplessness. It burnt Mubai as well. He needed something or someone to vent on. "Let's go find Lu Qi. No matter what, we have to make him switch your memory back as soon as possible!"

Xinghe nodded, the visit to Lu Qi was inevitable.

Xinghe stared at Xia Meng and the latter squirmed under her fierce scrutiny.

"Where is your father?" she asked coldly.

Realization hit Mubai like a bulldozer. Xia Meng's father was the original creator, locating him was probably the fastest way to help them switch their memories back!

"I have no idea." Xia Meng shook her head. "I have not heard from him since he disappeared."

"Other than the memory cell, what else did he leave you with?"

Xia Meng looked at her dumbly

She intended to keep this last secret to herself. Even though she suspected Xinghe knew something but, unless truly necessary, she really didn't want to reveal this information.

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