Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 292

Chapter 292 A Black Box
Chapter 292: A Black Box

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However, she had the common sense to realize that it was futile keeping this from him. He would find out, if not from her then from someone else.

"My mother, Yun Ruobing's father, Xia Meng's father, and one of Ee Chen's parents. Currently, these are the people that I know are related to the project," Xinghe admitted.

Mubai was stunned. He wasn't expecting Ruobing and Ee Chen to be involved in this mysterious project as well.

"What else do you know?" Mubai followed up, "And what did your mother leave you?"

"A black box, but it's useless, or rather I have no idea how is it useful yet."

"So you suspect everyone else was given this black box as well?" Mubai guessed.


"I will help you get to the bottom of this; don't hesitate to ask for my help if you need it," Mubai offered.

Xinghe raised her eyes to look at him and nodded slightly.

"Thank you."

Mubai wanted to tell her, You don't need to thank me. But this kind of partnership-esque relationship, where both party had equal give and take, was the best he could achieve for now. A few too many forceful steps forwards and he would chase Xinghe off.

It had taken him a lot of effort to finally reach this stage so he couldn't risk it all for naught. He had to be extra careful in his quest to redeem himself. Perhaps one day, he would find a way back into her heart

Mubai darkened his eyes as he thought about all of that and said in a low voice, "For now, let's go see Lu Qi."


Before they departed, Mubai gave Lu Qi a call. The doctor seemed to have guessed the purpose of his call and visit, and he said, in an exceptionally calm tone, over the phone, "Come meet me at my lab."

Lu Qi had his own personal medical science lab which focused solely on medical science research.

When Mubai and Xinghe arrived, Lu Qi was in the lab working on the memory cell technology.

He showed no surprise when he saw that Mubai walked in with Xia Meng. He smiled lightly. "I didn't expect that you guys would get here so soon."

Mubai was bellicose towards this good friend of his. "Why did you do it? You know full well, Xinghe is the mother of my child!"

Lu Qi turned towards Xia Meng and enquired, "Miss Xia Xinghe?"

"Yes, it's me." Xinghe nodded.

Lu Qi apologized, "I'm sorry for what I did but please believe me when I say it was not my intention to swap your life. This was Miss Xia Meng's bargaining chip so I had no choice but to perform the experiment on you. But I assure you this is temporary because I will switch you back soon."

Xinghe did not accept his apology. "What if the switch back fails?"

Lu Qi chuckled. "Why so pessimistic? I'm sure the research will be a success but even if it doesn't work, we can always remove the memory cells in both of your brains but this might harm your existing memory."

Xinghe had lost her memory once before and she didn't like it so she was averse to this second solution. However, she understood if there was no other option, this would have to do.

"When will the research be complete?" She asked directly.

From her question, Lu Qi realized Xinghe was still more partial towards recovery via memory cells. "A lot of progress has been made recently, we need one last breakthrough and the technology will be perfected."

Mubai scoffed. "In other words, there is no guarantee it will be successful?"

"The predicted success rate is currently at seventy percent. You have to understand that this is a wonderful event that will aid greatly in mankind's advancement, so I had to silence my conscience and let Miss Xia down; however, please believe in me because I will return everything to her," Lu Qi said earnestly.