Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 293

Chapter 293 An Extremely Scary Thought
Chapter 293: An Extremely Scary Thought

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"How can you expect us to believe you when did something like that to harm Xinghe?" Mubai took a step forward and stared his friend down.

Lu Qi hung his head in shame. "You're right, I'm incredibly sorry."

"Lu Qi, our friendship is over!" Mubai announced flatly. Lu Qi's eyes quivered slightly and his face fell.

"I understand. I'm not qualified to call you a friend anymore," he said softly and accepted this development.

After all, he deserved this treatment for betraying his friend's trust.

"Doctor Lu, are you the one who preserved my memory?" Xinghe suddenly asked.

Lu Qi was startled before he understood what she meant.

"Xia Meng's original plan was to completely erase my memory, wasn't it?" Xinghe pressed on.

Lu Qi laughed self-deprecatingly. "I'm impressed you found that out as well. Yes, her original plan was to erase your memory and assume your life completely. She doesn't want to be Xia Meng anymore. She couldn't bear living her old life."

"Then, why was my memory saved in the end? And why did Xia Meng pick me? We didn't even know each other before this happened," Xinghe questioned.

Mubai was shocked. Could it be that it was really Lu Qi who preserved Xinghe's memory and, in essence, kept her alive?

He had the same questions as Xinghe. Why would Xia Meng pick Xinghe's life to assume, as Xinghe said, they didn't know each other

Lu Qi sighed and began explaining, "At the end of the day, this is all my fault. I was mighty impressed by the courage and intelligence you showed at Lin Lin's birthday party. One time when Xia Meng came for physical and psychological therapy, I saw how depressed she was so I told her your story, hoping it would impress some courage and inspiration into her. But what I did was trigger an obsession. She would ask me to tell more stories about you whenever she came for her sessions." Here Lu Qi scratched his chin and continued shyly, "Since I'm also quite interested in Miss Xia as a person so I did some research on my own. She too wanted to know all about that

"Perhaps your tale touched her so much that she became overly envious of you. Finally she decided she wanted to be you. I knew this was a psychological illness because she thought becoming you would pull her out of her misery and it was the only ray of hope she had in her life. She did request me to wipe out your memory completely so she could completely replace you but I rejected. Finally, she compromised with a memory swap, after all, her goal was to escape from the Ye Family."

So that was the entire story Every piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Right then, Xinghe was struck with a scary realization.

Perhaps the woman who married Mubai in her earlier dream wasn't Chu Tianxin but herself, only it was the Xia Xinghe who was already replaced by Xia Meng!

If Lu Qu didn't somehow save her memory, the consciousness of Xia Xinghe would be dead.

Then, Xia Meng would've replaced her and ended up with Mubai. Of course, since Xia Meng wasn't the real her, she wouldn't truly treat Lin Lin as sincerely as she did.

Lin Lin ran away from home probably because he felt neglected by his own mother

The more Xinghe thought about it, the more certain she felt this was what her dream was trying to communicate!

For so long, she thought that, after removing Chu Tianxin, her son would be safe, but she was wrong.

After Chu Tianxin, there was still Xia Meng!

If Lu Qi didn't insist on keeping her memory, Xia Meng's plan would succeed.

She was not afraid of death, but she was afraid Lin Lin would end up with a mother that was really not his mother! His tragic death wouldn't have been altered!

Therefore, even though Lu Qi did fail her, she was still thankful he decided to keep her memory alive.

"I'm willing to put this past us if you successfully transfer my memory back," Xinghe said.