Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Assigned Her Ten Bodyguards
Chapter 296: Assigned Her Ten Bodyguards

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For some reason, Xinghe had a feeling this Project Galaxy was bigger than she'd initially assumed.

She didn't know a lot things about the project because much of the information was hidden in places where danger lurked.

If there was danger, she had to know everything ahead of time so that she could prepare in advance.

She believed that one doesn't prepare to lose but only lose to prepare.

Therefore, she must gather the black boxes in Xia Meng and Ye Shen's hands.

Furthermore, she would tease out more information from Ye Shen. Therefore, this memory switching with Xia Meng may not be such a bad thing.

To get started, Xinghe started looking into Ye Shen's father, the Mr. Ye that she'd just realized wasn't around.

Unsurprisingly, Ye Shen's father also appeared in City T 30 years ago, and disappeared 12 years ago.

In conclusion, Xinghe realized Ruobing's, Xia Meng's and Ye Shen's fathers all had to do with Project Galaxy.

So, why was hers alone her mother?

There were too many mysteries that needed to be solved and she swore she would get to the bottom of it all.

That day was an eventful day for the Ye family as well. Too many things had happened over 24 hours; the number of significant events was beyond their wildest expectations. There were too many shocking revelations.

How in the world would Xia Meng know Xi Mubai? Xi Mubai was a legendary character in the whole of Hwa Xia. Even when Ye Shen tried to negotiate the deal with Xi Empire, it wasn't even Mubai who interviewed him. Mubai probably didn't even care to find out Ye Shen's name.

However, this business legend not only knew Xia Meng but he'd taken her away! When Ye Shen received this news, he was stunned beyond words.

However, after he calmed down and thought about it, this development might prove beneficial to him.

From what his mother told him, Xi Mubai was highly protective of Xia Meng. Ye Corps' recent corporate secret leak combined with years of inexperienced management was slowly pushing it towards bankruptcy.

If he would get Xi Empire's help through Xia Meng, all his business troubles would be gone.

The more Ye Shen thought about the plan, the happier he became. However, he was the happiest with himself because he had the foresight to trick Xia Meng into marrying him so many years ago. She turned out to be such a useful tool.

The thought that Xia Meng wouldn't help didn't even cross his mind. He was certain Xia Meng would forgive him after a few sweet words and begging. The girl was too pliable.

Ye Shen was satisfied with his plan and waited happily at home for Xia Meng to return. That morning he was so worried Ye Corps was over, but now his savior appeared in the form of Xia Meng. As long as he could cheat Xia Meng into believing he truly loved her then all his problems would be solved.

Ye Shen waited for Xia Meng to return the whole day but, needless to say, she didn't make an appearance.

Finally, he decided to personally find her at Jade Purple Villas.

Of course, Mubai didn't want to see him so he got no information about Xia Meng's location. To prove his sincerity, Ye Shen planted himself before Xi Family's house gate. No matter how hard the security asked him to leave, he wouldn't budge.

When Xinghe heard this, she couldn't help but laugh.

"Then let him wait, tell him where I am tomorrow morning," she told Mubai over the phone.

"Okay. But be careful of your safety, call me if you need anything. Is the security there enough?" Mubai's voice was laced with concern.

Mubai had already assigned her ten bodyguards at the villa he situated her in.

Xinghe observed the troop of bodyguards that patrolled downstairs and smiled at Mubai's excessive worrying.

"You don't need to worry; the guards here are more than enough. Ye Shen is not that hard-pressed that he'll do anything crazy yet."