Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Xi Mubai Values Her So Much
Chapter 297: Xi Mubai Values Her So Much

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However, Mubai still couldn't calm his worried heart, even though he knew Xinghe could handle this on her own. With her intelligence, no one would be able to endanger her easily.

He really did trust in her but the heart does what it wants. No matter how incredible he knew Xinghe was, the worry wouldn't stop.

Mubai hung up and laughed at himself, wondering when he became such a woman

Ye Shen actually did spend the whole night in front of the Xi Family gate. This was probably the sincerest he had ever acted towards Xia Meng and he was rewarded with Xia Meng's location.

Early the next morning, Mubai had someone inform him Xia Meng's location.

Ye Shen paid his thanks and quickly drove to find his wife.

When the address came into view and Ye Shen realized it was a villa not one bit less impressive than his own house, his blood started to boil.

This b*tch has the audacity to enjoy life here while I sweat outside her lover's house

Yes, he suspected there was something more ambiguous to Xia Meng and Mubai's relationship, and this place only confirmed his suspicion. Mubai wouldn't find his wife such a good place to stay if their relationship was only strictly platonic!

Ye Shen straightened his crumpled suit and pressed the doorbell Soon, Xinghe was given notice of his arrival.

"Let him in," Xinghe ordered.

"Yes, miss."

The bodyguard left to bring Ye Shen in.

Ye Shen walked into the villa and was shocked to notice the number of armed bodyguards around. He was surprised Xi Mubai cared so much about Xia Meng.

When he saw Xia Meng leaned against the sofa drinking tea, he immediately put on a worried face. "Xia Meng, where were you yesterday? You had me so worried, I was all over town looking for you. Finally, I resorted to waiting a whole night in front of the Xi Family's mansion, hoping you'd appear!"

People who weren't in the know probably would be touched by his declaration.

Xinghe though raised her brow and asked, "You were worried about me?"

Ye Shen nodded solemnly. "Of course, no matter what, you're my wife! Quickly tell me, did Xi Mubai do anything to you after he took you away?"

"So what if he did?" Xinghe asked softly.

Ye Shen blew up immediately. "I will tear him a new one! You're my wife, no one can touch you other than me!"

You sure did a lot of 'touching' to Xia Meng, that much is true.

"I'm fine, you're here just to ask me about that?" Xinghe put down her cup and laid back down the sofa.

Ye Shen was honestly disappointed Mubai didn't do something to Xia Meng, because that would've given him more bargaining chips. Then again, Xia Meng was a cripple, what man would willingly touch her?

"You're really fine?" Ye Shen looked her up and down with concern. "If that's the case, why did Mubai take you away? I thought he went over to find me. How do the two of you know each other?"

This was the first sincere question he asked from the moment he came in. That was what he came to find out: the nature of the relationship between Xia Meng and Xi Mubai and how that could be of advantage to him.

"Whether we know each other or not has nothing to do with you," Xinghe said firmly.

"How can it have nothing to do with me? I'm your husband!" Ye Shen lamented as he clutched at his heart dramatically. "I know, Xia Meng, you still hate me, right? But you have to understand, after you attempted to commit suicide, regret has been my constant companion. When I saw you lying half-dead on the hospital bed, I finally realized I cannot live without you My deep love for you was awakened then!"

Xinghe was feeling regret as well, regret that she had swallowed the tea in her mouth because she wanted so badly to spit it at his face.

"Xia Meng, everything I said is true. I'm sorry, now can you please follow me home?" Ye Shen stepped slowly towards Xinghe but before he even came close, a document landed squarely on his ugly face.