Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 298

Chapter 298 The Pig Doesnt Deserve To Be Forgiven
Chapter 298: The Pig Doesn't Deserve to Be Forgiven

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The slap was loud and clear, a humiliation to Ye Shen.

Behind the initial shock, there was a flash of enmity in his eyes that didn't elude Xinghe's detection. When the document fell to the floor and he saw the words 'Divorce Settlements' on it, his face fell.

"Save the love words for your mistress and sign this," Xinghe ordered coolly.

Ye Shen raised his head and narrowed his eyes at her. "You still want to get a divorce from me?"

"Affirmative, you must sign this today. No words will change my mind."

"I will not sign this!" Ye Shen picked up the papers and tore them into pieces. "Xia Meng, you are my one and only love"

Another piece of document came flying at his face, and this time he caught it with his hands.

Xinghe put down a stack of documents on the table and stared coldly at him. "I have more in the office so we can do this all day if you'd prefer."

"Xia Meng, how dare you do this" Ye Shen flared up like she was in the wrong, "I've apologized, what more do you want?"

"A pig like yourself doesn't deserve to be forgiven," Xinghe lampooned him.

"You" The demon bubbling underneath the surface threatened to make an appearance but Ye Shen swallowed hard and put up a forced smile. "Xia Meng, no matter what you do, I will not sign the divorce paper. In this life, you can only be mine"

"Men!" Xinghe didn't want to waste time with this cretin anymore. "Toss him out."

"Yes!" The two bodyguards who were guarding Xinghe moved forward to pull Ye Shen out the door.

"What are you doing? Let go of me!" Ye Shen struggled angrily. He tried to hit the two bodyguards but ended up taking a few hits himself.

Ye Shen knew he was no match for them so he turned to Xinghe.

"Xia Meng, I know I've done wrong! Please forgive me and follow me home. I swear I will treat you better, baby, honey"

"Quick toss him out!" Xinghe ordered sternly. Ye Shen's words were making her feel like retching.

Even the bodyguards had heard enough. They clamped their hands over Ye Shen's mouth and dragged him out the door before throwing him roughly out the gate!

"We're warning you, if you dare to come disturb Miss Xia again in the future, this will be just a taste of what's to come!" a bodyguard warned. Ye Shen was so pissed off he could've killed them, but he didn't dare to lash out at the men.

Of course, he wasn't afraid of the security but the boss behind them.

Even though he was taught a serious lesson, overall, he was happy because he realized Xia Meng's relationship with Xi Mubai was definitely unusual. He was incredibly protective of her. This meant that he had a great leverage over the business giant.

In his mind, the wife was the husband's property and she could not survive without nourishment from her husband. Therefore, he truly believed that Xia Meng would eventually need to return to him. For now, he only needed to grind down her defenses because what is a woman without her man?

Every day, he went to look for Xinghe. Of course, he was denied entrance so he begged, knelt, cried, and pleaded

After the security reported his actions to Xinghe, she felt alarmed, an unease greater than when he physically threatened her.

A man who disregards his dignity for the sake of profit is the most dangerous man of all.

The embarrassment he suffers now he definitely plans return tenfold later if he gets control over Xia Meng again.